Friday, November 09, 2012

Working on my List

I took today off from work so that I could get started on my list of things to do before Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, my son was sick today, so about half of my day was spent dealing with him.  Feeding him, getting medicine for him - just hanging out with him.  It's not conducive to getting things done, but I managed anyway.

I got him to take a nap in the master bedroom because I was going to start with number three on my list - planned that way because he was supposed to be in school all day.  After inspection, I decided to go ahead with it because I couldn't see how all that dust and pet hair was helping him feel less sniffly and sneezy.  Now I can cross one off my list.

3. Clean my son's room (because he and my husband will be sleeping there the week of Thanksgiving)
And another that I didn't actually put on the list but intended to - cleaning my NuWave oven.  It's been sitting on the back porch for nearly a year and was seriously dirty.  It took a couple of hours, but it's clean now!  Ready to cook a turkey in!

Tomorrow, I'll tackle #5. 

5. Give my mom a day of cleaning labor in her basement - which is also the long-term guest room. This is where my brother Matt and Dawon will be staying while they're here from Korea.

This promises to truly be an all day project.  Their basement is like my room; it's where everything they don't know what to do with winds up.  Making it habitable is going to be a challenge.

So I think it's time to head off to bed.  I've got a busy day ahead of me.  Goodnight!

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