Wednesday, February 13, 2013

After the Doctor

Monday, he was sick again.  After being sick all weekend.  It's not awful, throwing up and high fever sick.  It's just coughing and congestion and feeling so tired that even tying your shoes is a chore. 
So I took him to the doctor, partly because I've been dealing with the same stuff and hoped that the doctor would have a remedy for BOTH of us!

After living in Tallahassee for the better part of 51 years, it seems that I am sucumbing to allergies.  Yes.  Allergies.  The boy did not have strep or an ear infection,  or any infection at all.  Just lots and lots of congestion.  She said to take a decongestant and use the neti pot.  The allergies are hitting him much earlier than they ever got me.  I don't remember ever having them until I was in my 40s and never as severe as now.  He seems to have jumped over his 40-something years of being immune to the same place I am now.  Poor child.  This is miserable.  Looks like we'll be investigating allergy medications (Claretin?  Zyrtec?  Recommendations, anyone?)

After receiving such fabulous news (sarcasm here), we felt distinctly bummed.  The Boy had a coupon for frozen yogurt for making the Honor Roll, so we stopped at TCBY on the way home.  It didn't fix what was wrong with us, but we felt better anyway.

(Don't you LOVE his hair?  I am insanely jealous of how beautiful it is.)


Pamela said...

I would suspect the same here in our house of my husband, but everyone at his work has it too. He had it early in January, started feeling better. Then WHAM! back with a vengeance

Karmyn R said...

Definitely not allergies at my house - we have the worst cold ever....everyone in the house has this nasty bug. I'm on Day 10 - and finally purchased a neti-pot. Hope it helps.

Jan said...

I've had allergries since I was a kid. The best thing I've found is a prescription for Astepro, Everything else had side effects.

Claudia said...

I have allergies too. Not willing to go the prescription route, I get generic zyrtec from costco and take one every night before going to bed (it's a 24hr dose), but some days it just doesn't seem to work at all. Funny though, there are times that I think I'm having an allergy attack and then a few days later, with no relief, I realize I actually have a cold. It's hard to tell the difference, both leave me feeling exhausted.