Thursday, March 07, 2013

Torturing My Kid

One of the small joys I have in life is torturing my kid.  Not the bad kind like toothpicks under the fingernails or waterboarding, but the fun kind - namely causing him to blush and hiss "MOM!" furiously under his breath while in public.  I never knew this could be so much fun!

My favorite torture is singing.  Not that I have a terrible voice (opinions vary), but my choice of music and where I choose to perform can make this form of torture quite entertaining.  And not just for me, but at times for my son as well.

I usually choose to do this to him while waiting in line at the drug store.  I'll throw my arm around him and start singing "Call Me Maybe".  Oh, the redness! 

Ever heard this song?  It doesn't take long to get the tune stuck in your head and it took me a while to get the chorus just right.  I saw the video for it for the first time this morning:

Yes, it's a bit repetitive but actually not a bad song. And the video came as a very pleasant surprise (watch it to the end).

So last night, driving home from church, my son, my granddaughter and I were having a discussion about what might be the most irritating song we've ever heard.  Of course my boy immediately thought of this one as I torture him with it often.  The granddaughter agreed.  They moved on to other topics eventually.

When we got to Granddaughter's house, she ran up to her door and knocked.  I rolled down my window and started singing "Call Me Maybe" at her and she started laughing and pounding on the door.  She was leaning on the door laughing when her dad opened it and she literally fell into her house.  Her dad looked down at her, then out at us, waved gaily and yelled "thank you!" before dragging her the rest of the way into the house and closing the door.

And that's when my son turned to me and said "You are the best grandma EVER!"

Of course, he can be pretty silly too.


Jan said...

What a delightful tale. I agree with Z, you're the best! I've heard this song 10,000 times, but never watched the vid. So Cool.

karmyn R said...

hahahah -

I will have to try this now with my son. Thanks for the inspiration.

Sayre said...

Heheheh... you're welcome, Karmyn! Let me know how it works out!

Island Rider said...

That is a surprise ending!

Sayre said...

Yeah... he thinks it's pretty funny when I do it to someone else. I did spy a neighbor standing on their front porch laughing too.

Gattina said...

You are a sadist ! If I would sing, everybody runs away, me included ! lol !