Friday, November 01, 2013


A few years ago, my dear friend moved to Texas.  She left her ancient dachshund with me fearing she would not survive the trip.

Abby became the heart of our home.  The dogs didn't mind her because they never quite believed she was a dog.  The cats loved to snuggle with her.  The humans loved her jaunty walk and attitude.  She was MY dog.  When she died, we all cried.  And then we went on.

Until a couple of weeks ago.  I stopped by Bagel Bagel to pick up breakfast for me and Darling Man and right next door was a pet shop with miniature dachshund puppies in the window!  Oh, they were just adorable - and triggered a severe longing for Abby. 

I've never bought a dog (though out of curiosity, I did check how much those puppies were - $650!), so I went online and looked for doxies needing a home through the animal shelters.  I found two - but one of them was named LOIS!  That was my grandmother's name and that made it seem as if destiny was stepping in.
She was in a shelter 70 miles away, so we took a drive.

Just a block from the beach, we pulled into a gravel driveway leading to a low concrete block building.  A couple of hound dogs greeted us from behind a fence and we entered, asking for Lois.
Poor little girl...  she was so scared when they brought her out.  She stayed at the far end of the leash and didn't want to come closer.  Normally, I would not pursue an animal like that, but I saw something in her eyes and asked if I could pick her up.  The control officer said I could, so I did and as soon as I held her close, she stopped struggling and laid her head on my shoulder and sighed.  Lois relaxed in my arms and when I put her back down, she didn't run to the other end of the leash. 
The guys took her outside while I asked questions and did paperwork.  Lois had belonged to an elderly man who'd had to give her up when his health deteriorated.  She'd been at the shelter for three months and was on the short list for euthanasia.  At 14 months old, she wasn't a puppy, but not quite a grown dog either.  When the guys came back in, she was trotting.  I signed the papers, wrote a check and she was ours to take home.

Once home, she fit in quickly.  She discovered a shared love of chewies with the other dogs.  They'd been through this before with Abby.  Not sure Lois was a dog, but accepting of her presence.

The cats were less amused at first, but they've warmed up.  There was a great deal of sniffing and bouncing, but introductions were accomplished and she began the process of becoming part of the pack.

It hasn't all been sunshine and roses.  After spending three months in a cage, Lois doesn't have much of a concept of where it's appropriate to empty her bladder or bowels.  The big dogs are teaching her.  She's getting the peeing outside part down, but the other is going to take a little more work.  She spends much of her day while we're at work and school in a crate.  She looks at that as a safe place and even stores her toys in there so the big dogs won't get them.  Sometimes she even goes in when we're all here and the door is open.  She wants to eat everyone's food and it's a wonder she hasn't exploded - I caught her eating not only her breakfast (appropriate for a 15 lb dog) but Revan's as well (for a 110 lb dog).  She spent quite a bit of time outside after that.

Lois hasn't been here long, but she is now part of the pack and it feels like she's always been here.  She's a real sweetie and I'm so glad she's come to live with us!


lisa dewane said...

In all that's been going on with me I wasn't sure how Lois came to your home, I had seen about the puppies but not about the getting her. She sure is lucky and I'm sure she likes her crate. :) PS the kitty in your cover photo is beautiful too!

Pamela said...

that term LUCKY DOG sure does apply

karisma said...

She is just lovely. I love that you rescued her and gave her another chance. You are awesome. xoxox

Sandy said...

What a lucky family to have you for a mom! Welcome, Lois!

Faye said...

This story warms the cockles of my heart. There has been two good rescue stories from Florida lately--Lois and Yoda. Lucky dogs. Lucky people.

KaThYinCoLoRaDo said...

It's a Win-Win ! Lucky family and lucky puppy dog. I really believe our rescue dogs fully understand that they were saved and give back even more unconditional love than believed possible.

ChrisB said...

What a lovely story and sounds like Lois has found the perfect forever home :)

karmyn R said...

Love that Lois found such a good home....and I haven't blogged for so long I found myself trying to "like" everyone else's comments. hahahah

littledebbie said...

Sweet story. :)

littledebbie said...

A very sweet story. :)