Friday, November 08, 2013

Love and Challenges

Lois has been here for a couple of weeks now.  She's fit into the household quite easily.  I love watching her fang-wrestle the big dogs.  She doesn't realize how easily they could squash her.  They only outweigh her by 60-100 lbs.  That doesn't faze her at all.
She bounces around so much that it's nearly impossible to get a picture of her.  Most of them come out as a brown blur.  I feel pretty lucky to have gotten these.

She loves the nylabone.  Such an avid chewer that the other dogs were intrigued and arguments started cropping up over who would get to chew on it.  We now have three nylabones, but Lois likes to hoard them all under the rocking chair.
I wish there was a key to unlocking her head.  I'm sure she was loved and had a little bit of training before being given up.  She knows how to stand up on her rear legs and beg.  What she doesn't know is sit, come, or how to go to the bathroom outside.  We've already cleaned the carpets once and we'll have to do it again soon.  I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do about this.  All the dogs I've had before just got it with very little effort.  This one, not so much.  She spends time in the crate when we're not home and I know she can hold it because she's never messed her crate.  She goes outside as soon as we get home and sometimes she'll pee, but she always holds the poop until she comes back in - no matter how long we leave her out. 
Kida's really smart.  I wish Lois would learn something from her.


Pamela said...

I bet the previous owner had one of those poop mats

karisma said...

Maybe she got into trouble with her previous owners for doing it in the wrong place? Could be an issue with the garden or grass. I know dogs that are trained to go on concrete as vice versa, others will only go on the grass. Could she have been litter trained indoors? My daughter uses a litter tray for her dogs with fake grass on top. They live in an apartment and work during the day so the dogs had to be trained to use it and don't go outside much to do their business.

karmyn R said...

That's frustrating! Have you asked your vet? Sometimes they have good ideas about that kind of stuff.