Thursday, August 24, 2006

Don't get mad....

I found this on, but it wasn't clear who did this study.... MSN or Men's Health Magazine. Either way, I found it interesting.

The statistics to "back this up" come from the CDC's findings on the percentage of the male population with high blood pressure; the FBIs rates of agravated assaults; the Bureau of Labor Statistics workplace deaths from assults and other violence; the Texas Transportation Institute's figures on roadrage based on congestion data; and finally the Governor's Highway Safety Association's figures on speeding citations.

Sounds like a lot of effort went into this list, so take a moment to find your place and for those of you not on the list (like me)... guess we're just mellow yellow.

(From most to least angry cities)

1. Orlando, FL 51. Newark, NJ
2. St. Petersburg, FL 52. Las Vegas, NV
3. Detroit, MI 53. Columbus, OH
4. Baltimore, MD 54. St. Paul, MN
5. Nashville, TN 55. Charleston, WV
6. Wilmington, DE 56. Kansas City, MO
7. Miami, FL 57. New York, NY
8. Memphis, TN 58. Oklahoma City, OK
9. Jacksonville, FL 59. Toledo, OH
10. St. Louis, MO 60. San Antonio, TX
11. Chicago, IL 61. Riverside, CA
12. Tampa, FL 62. Modesto, CA
13. Jackson, MS 63. Louisville, KY
14. Albuquerque, NM 64. Honolulu, HI
15. Charlotte, NC 65. Richmond, VA
16. Dallas, TX 66. San Francisco, CA
17. Houston, TX 67. Bakersfield, CA
18. Tuscon, AZ 68. Spokane, WA
19. Indianapolis, IN 69. Milwaukee, WI
20. Wichita, KS 70. Jersey City, NJ
21. Birmingham, AL 71. Lexington, KY
22. Providence, RI 72. Little Rock, AR
23. Durham, NC 73. Lincoln, NE
24. Atlanta, GA 74. Billings, MT
25. Washington, DC 75. San Jose, CA
26. Denver, CO 76. Hartford, CT
27. Philadelphia, PA 77. Minneapolis, MN
28. Baton Rouge, LA 78. Boise, ID
29. Fort Worth, TX 79. Anaheim, CA
30. Phoenix, AZ 80. Norfolk, VA
31. Lubbock, TX 81. Austin, TX
32. Cleveland, OH 82. Fremont, CA
33. Greensboro, NC 83. Fresno, CA
34. Cincinnati, OH 84. Anchorage, AK
35. Arlington, TX 85. Cheyenne, WY
36. Los Angeles, CA 86. Rochester, NY
37. Buffalo, NY 87. Madison, WI
38. Grand Rapids, MI 88. Salt Lake City, UT
39. Boston, MA 89. Omaha, NE
40. Columbia, SC 90. Pittsburgh, PA
41. Tulsa, OK 91. Colorado Springs, CO
42. Aurora, CO 92. El Paso, TX
43. Seattle, WA 93. Sioux Falls, SD
44. Sacramento, CA 94. Des Moines, IL
45. San Diego, CA 95. Burlington, VT
46. Montgomery, AL 96. Portland, OR
47. Raleigh, NC 97. Corpus Christi, TX
48. Yonkers, NY 98. Fargo, ND
49. Oakland, CA 99. Bangor, ME
50. Fort Wayne, IN 100. Manchester, NH

Find yourself?


Sayre said...

Gah! I guess Blogger does not do columns no matter how carefully you space our your lines....

Makes me so mad....

Mel said...

I'm mad! My town is on the list! Mad, mad, mad!

nikki said...

rock on detroit! just stop killing people because you're so pissed off!

Nikki said...

Yep, I'm there - It was me who put DC on the list. LOL

Janet said...

Hmm. I actually thought there would be more NJ cities in there, given all the road rage we have around here.:(

Sayre said...

Almost all the major Florida cities are listed... are we pissed off or what? And supposedly, we live in paradise. And if you don't live in one of the cities listed... do you triangulate to see how mad you are?

New York's place sort of surprised me too. I tend to think of NYC as an angry kind of place.


Jeff said...

Not on there. I have visited many of the cities and I can't really see the difference. The Emperor is naked!

factor 10 said...

I live right in between 62 and 44, and I cannot believe we're not on the list!