Thursday, August 24, 2006

Mean morning thought

After dropping my son off at school, I'm driving back home for a shower. Waiting to turn right, a van comes barreling over the hill with its turn signal on. At the very last moment, it turns right onto the street I'm sitting on and the incredibly huge woman behind the wheel gives me an exasperated look.

What? I'm supposed to assume that you're going to turn? Do you know how many cars I've follwed for MILES that had their turn signals on - that never turned? And if you were going to turn, why were you doing 50 in a 35 zone never slowing down until the last possible second? Sure, I'll turn out in front of you....

Now for the mean thought. Have you ever noticed that the REALLY fat people drive like a bat out of hell? "Does driving fast make you feel thin?" was my thought as she sped past me after making her turn.

Then I wondered.... DOES IT? Is this her version of running because her body won't do it or can't do it? Does speed generate the illusion of lightness even when you need a seatbelt extender to strap you into your metal shell?


1 comment:

nikki said...

oh poor guy! i once got locked in my basement (thanks aaron!). at least your son managed not to get too freaked out....i would be crying!