Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Not so great day at school

It was bound to happen one day - a bad day at school. Z-boy managed to accidently lock himself in the bathroom today. It was a one-seater, so it's not like it had tons of traffic in and out, but he couldn't get himself out of it and was apparently stuck for a while. He yelled and yelled until finally a passing little girl heard him and went for help. He says he was in there "forever!" Z came out of it pretty well though, considering that he hates tile rooms (too echo-y).

My husband met the bus today. It usually shows up about 20 minutes after school lets out, but was a little late today. The reason? Some kid was picking on my son and the bus driver turned around and took that kid back to school. They don't mess around anymore - especially since all those videos of kids getting beaten or raped on busses started showing up on the news. So the kid was taken back and the bus was late. I'm glad the bus driver doesn't stand for that kind of behavior though. While Z is 7 years old, he doesn't really understand that some people will be mean to you for no reason.

I'd sure hate to be that other kid when his parents come for him though.


Apricoco said...

Oh, I remember the days of hot sweaty Florida buses and bully brutality. I am glad that the bus driver stood up for your son. And it is a little funny that he got locked in the bathroom. That must have been pretty hard for him.

Alice in Wonderbread said...

hooray!!! Hooray for the Bus Driver that was having none of that teasing business. Oh man, I was teased mercilessly as a child by my peers. I wasn't The One constantly picked on but I was a popular lowest common denominator to pick on. I would have LOVED for an adult to actually witness the bully-ness and DO something. Then again....girl bullies are much more subversive, more difficult to detect social ostrazation and snide little titters than outright teasing.