Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I hope I can move tomorrow...

This morning, I walked Z-boy to school. You know... the hill. No stopping, though my legs were a little tight. Then when I got home, I got on the AbLounge and did 15 straight on crunches, then turned to the left to do obliques. Got to 10 and suddenly the abdominal muscles that runs straight up the middle cramped hard. Ouch! I hope I haven't messed myself up for tonight!

Fast-forward to 4pm. Z-boy is so excited about starting KenPo... His daddy drives over with us to watch. So jealous - we are doing this and he is not. We're WAY early. Z-boy drags him into the dojo and the owner comes out to greet us. And my husband signs up right then and there. He wants to do Karate too! However, he rode his bike about 30 miles today, so he is not ready to start today.

Z-boy's class starts, and we go outside to watch through the picture window out front. They work him HARD. Jumping jacks, pushups, sit ups, stretches, squat-thrusts. Then they start with the punches... and the blocks... and the kicks. They go over and over it. Z-boy is sweating! and grinning from ear to ear! They take a break for water and he runs outside to jump up and down in front of us because he cannot stand still while he tells us about class so far. He's only there for about 15 seconds before he runs back inside.

My husband and I are sitting on the tailgate of his truck watching this spectacle. He turns to me and asks if I'm sure I can do it. I nod. I'm a big girl. I'm an out-of-shape girl. But I'm also a determined girl. I might not do things as well or move as fast at first, but give me a little time. I will do this!

Z-boy's class is over. It's my turn. Jumping jacks, pushups, situps, stretches, squat-thrusts. They time the exercises rather than count them. I think they're about two minutes each. I stop with about 30 seconds to go on the jumping jacks. I manage 10 pushups. I do crunches and obliques for the entire time period. I knee myself in the stomach during the squat-thrusts. I'm very flexible, but this mound of fat in the middle doesn't let me stretch as far as I can. Must get rid of middle obstacle.

Then they start with the punches, blocks and kicks. I am off balance some, but I basically get them. Then we split up and I am with an instructor and a very tall, lanky black man. He's done kickboxing and understands the basics and combinations. I am green and wet behind the ears. Very patiently, the instructor takes us through a couple of combinations. I keep wanting to cross my foot behind the other when it should go in front. Other than that, I seem to get it. I must practice so I don't look so bad (though technically correct) on Thursday.

My headband popped off during the floor exercises. I'll have to do something about my hair. It's short, but long on top and keeps flopping over into my face. It's fine enough that a barrette won't hold it back and it's too short for a pony tail. Perhaps Trinh can do something with it tomorrow or Thursday before class. It's irritating and distracting.

But I feel great about my class. I was the biggest, most awkward person there, but I did it. My face was beet red and sweat was dripping from my eyebrows, but I did it. What surprised me the most was how much my feet hurt when it was over.

I hope I can walk tomorrow.


quinn said...

yayyyyyyyy you !!!
you are damn right you did it and you should be freakin proud. !!
I know what those classes entail and you worked hard.. you will for sure be somewhat sore tomorrow..you will find you had muscles where you didnt know you did.
congrats on a job well done !

And Z-boy too ..good job little man!!!

That is cool that your whole family has signed up very cool.

Apricoco said...

Good for you! Happy happy joy joy on the KenPo class. I have always wanted to do that! I hope that you can move tomorrow though. I am fully expecting a post that says...can't.. move.. legs... ha ha..

Anonymous said...

Go buy some MYOFLEX. It is about $4.50 at Wally world. I started using the stuff years ago when I played soccer.Soak in a hot, hot tub for as long as you can stand it then have hubby to rub it into all the bad places. No smell, non-greasy,until you get in the shower.
Wonderful stuff I promise. After all the running and sliding I went from not being able to walk to not even knowing I had done any thing.

Wonderful for the whole family to be apart of. Great job on everyones part.


Anonymous said...

The family that kicks together sticks together.

nikki said...

work it, work it girl!

Christina_the_wench said...

You go, girl! Work it for me too. ;)

Kevin Charnas said...

BRAVA! BRAVA!!! Right on! A great attitude is EVERYTHING, well, almost everything...KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

and i hope that you can move. :)

ablondeblogger said...

I have the same problem with my feet....especially after yoga. They will hurt like a bitch! What is up with that?!!

Oh, The Joys said...

Keep on movin'!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you! That sounds like a lot of fun. I am so glad that you get to spend this extra time with your son, and now your husband too. Doing something that is so good for all of you. Starting good family habits. you should be proud of you too!

You go girl!

quinn said...

wow ..you musta been really sore and stiff...no post for october 4th lol.
take care hope you are limbering up more.

Sayre said...

Thanks, everybody! I am moving - a little slower than usual - but moving all the same. Walked this morning with Z-boy. I think that has helped me more than anything else lately.. If I hadn't been walking already, I really would be immobile today!

Alice in Wonderbread said...

Sayre keep it up! I finally joined my Corporate Gym which for a small fee relinquishes a Corporate Fitness Coach on me. Nice lady. I'm run/walking three times a week and going to the gym for XT and weights two times a week.

My arms have pushed nothing heavier than a computer mouse for ages. I have miles to go.

I also know what it's like to feel the tummy in between the stretches. It doesn't even feel like it's MINE- it's like a pillow stuck in my middle. Dammit.

In time- we are both going to see it go away, with lifestyle change!

And I'm SO GLAD you're doing this with Z-boy. He's one fit dude on top of his smarts. :)