Monday, December 18, 2006

Sunday Afternoons Made for Lazy

Yesterday was a perfect day for doing nothing. It was warm (mid-70s), and we were all home from about noon on. Then, the visitors began to arrive.

First - George. Buddy of my husband hoping, I think, to talk hubby into going bike riding with him. He had his brand new bike in the back of his truck. Instead, they got off on some philosophical discussion of the various martial arts.

Second - My uncle. He wandered over at the same time as my boys returned from a quick trip to the grocery. He'd found some tubers in his back yard and wanted to know if they were edible - oh and by the way, there's some kids at my house if Z-boy would like to come play. Turns out that my brother Jerry had left them with our uncle, who'd about had enough of little children.

Third - above mentioned children. The 14 year old went off with my brother, but the 3 year old wound up at my house. She was adorable, and Z-boy was very good about playing with her gently. They had a terrific time. She discovered the skateboard, which Z-boy was worried about her playing with:

IMG_1451 IMG_1452 IMG_1453

They figured out a way they could both play. I don't think I've EVER seen a bigger smile on a child than that little girl had coming down the driveway.

Fourth - Jerry returned to collect the little girl. He's keeping the girls while their mother is moving house. Watching him with them, I so wish he'd had kids of his own. He is absolutely father material but has never managed to interest a woman long enough to have a committed relationship. Part of it is "white knight" syndrome, I think. The women he picks are just so unsuitable, needing rescue as most of them do - from drink, drugs, or abusive relationships. I wish he'd meet a nice, normal, sure-of-herself woman and marry her. But somehow, I don't know that that will ever happen. In the meantime, he's a wonderful uncle and surrogate father to any child who needs one. And happy birthday, Jerry!

Fifth - My cousin Liane came by to steal me away to Goodwill to look for speakers. She also desperately needed a hot fudge sundae and a willing ear. I managed to provide both and sent her off ready to face the rest of her day.

And somewhere in all that, Lava managed to move into his new digs.


Pretty busy for a lazy Sunday afternoon!


Christina_the_wench said...

Sorry. I didn't get past 70? 70?!?! That is just so wrong in so many ways. You lucky thing, you!

Sayre said...

70s are okay... the utility bill likes it a lot, but I would prefer it to be a bit cooler for Christmas! It's tough to keep the spirit up if you're sweating it out!

Jeff said...

I was lazy yesterday, too, and it spilled over to today. :(

S William said...

That is busy. And the temp in the 70's? That is unreal to me.

We don't like to do much on Sunday other than watch football and eat.

nikki said...

it was 26 this morning as i drove to work. 70's would be really nice! nice new digs for lava!

Kim Ayres said...

There was a cold hard frost as I took my daughter to school today. 70s would be so good (and keep our heating bills down)

HoosierGirl5 said...

Sounds like a great Sunday. I love the pictures of the kids on the skateboard. Kids can be so sweet to each other when they want to. It is so sweet to see my 16 yr. old son with my boyfriend's 6 yr. old daughter, or my 15 yr. old daughter with my 5 yr. old nephew.
Have a great week!