Friday, November 09, 2007

Random Stuff (because I'm not here much now right now)

"Laura" died this morning. She'd had several close encounters with the Grim Reaper over the last couple of days, but always managed to stabilize and hang in there a little longer. Her mother has been here to help take care of her, and she'd confessed to my mother yesterday that it was time for "Laura" to just let go. When Mom told me that, I said to her that it would happen soon.... that I thought perhaps God was just giving "Laura's" mom and husband the opportunity to get to that place where her death would be a good thing. This morning, she smiled at her mom and checked out. It was a peaceful death - which is the best we could have all hoped for.

My brother Jerry went into the hospital yesterday to have a hernia repaired before some really bad things could happen. Things got underway much later than anticipated, so he spent the night at the hospital rather than going home with Mom. Mom couldn't get comfy at the hospital, so she crashed at my house and went back first thing this morning. As of this writing (about 3pm), they still haven't let Jerry go. All bodily functions must return to their normal operation before he can leave. Well, except for the getting up and moving around without painkillers part. He was in a great deal of pain last night and having some difficulty breathing, but is better today. I hope he actually gets to leave today. Go, Jerry, go!

We got our betta fish, Lava, a buddy. Supposedly they will share their space willingly with other fish - as long as they aren't other bettas (or if they're a betta in heat, but it's strictly a "do it" and get out deal). So Darling Man and ZBoy brought home a tiny catfish to help with the housekeeping of the tank. We call him "Yo Cat" because his markings look like the word "yo" all the way down his sides. For two days, there was peace in the valley. YoCat did his job and the fishbowl never looked better. Lava sort of followed Yo around watching. Then Yo decided it was time to clean the other fish. Lava looked so nice! His color was good (you remember, he's been sick with a swim bladder disorder), he was swimming around balanced and well. Apparently Yo went a little too far with the cleaning thing though and wound up biting Lava on the proverbial ass. Next thing we know, Yo is spending most of his time hiding under a plant and Lava is hovering over the hole opening like a shark waiting for its next meal. But Yo would come out from time to time. His coloring camoflauged him well, so he could sneak out when Lava was otherwise engaged. I noticed one day that YoCat was swimming funny. He'd swim like hell, crash into the corner of the tank, turn right, swim like hell, crash into the corner of the tank, turn right, swim like hell and wind up in his little tunnel under the plant. Looks like Lava may have removed one of his fins and he can only swim left now. He uses the sides of the tank to turn right. Very sad. Once we realized how far things had gone, we got out our old vase that Lava used to live in and put Lava back into it. He's now living in time out and we have to decide what to do about YoCat, who spends more time on his side than not and only moves if you tap on the glass. Lava is destined to be an only fish, I think.

NaNoWriMo is coming along quite well. I've cracked 10,000 words - and while I'm still behind, I feel confident that I will "win" this year and make the 50,000 goal. Yesterday, I wrote my first ever sex scene. Oy. Can you say "hot-flash?" My novel is about AIDs in the senior population and well.... how do you think they got it in the first place, huh?

My son is doing much better. He's taken an interest in cooking and now cooks my breakfast every morning!!! He's asked for a cookbook, an apron, and a chef's hat for Christmas. Could all of this have inadvertently set his career goals at such an early age????

That's all from Lake Woebegone... Tune in in a few days when I'll have stories about NaNoWriMo write-ins and visiting ex-wives...


Anonymous said...

love to Jerry and hope all is well.

Sorry about Laura.

Life appears to be in your usual wide open mode.

Take some time for you to "smeel the roses" so to speak.

love ya, stef

Anonymous said...

Sorry about Laura. She must have been quite young.

Sayre, you've made those fish of yours sound almost human. I didn't know they had personalities.

nikki said...

Hey, send Zboy my way! I could use some breakfast made for me too! (Must train Aaron, must train Aaron.)

Moving sucks.

Alice in Wonderbread said...

hey lady- way to go on writing your first novel!! How inspiring. :-) I can't wait to read it.

As for the tidbits, thanks for the updates. Zboy making you breakfast. Where can I get my own Zboy? :) Good on him- it may be a passing fancy, or not. Either way it's fabulous he's picking up a skill so many are forgetting in the era of take-out and pickup and eating-at-the-wheel living.