Thursday, January 31, 2008

What have I been up to?

You may remember a few posts back when I was talking about my friend Kelly and me working on the neverending-bathroom-project, and giving up when we blew up a lightbulb after installing a new light fixture.

Well, the electrician never made it over, so Darling Man took matters into his own hands. He went and bought a meter from L*wes, called up his bossman and talked to him about electrical work, and feeling fairly confident, went to work wiring it up. Ta-Da!!!! Let there be light!

IMG_3425 IMG_3426
I am so absolutely thrilled. We are nearly done! Just have to fix the hole above the medicine cabinet where I moved the wire, get those magnetic things that keep your doors closed on cabinets, and seal the floor grout. What do you think? It's much better than what I started with, which was a dark room with a pink toilet, nasty gold-tone fixtures, and wallpaper that looked like granny's couch threw up on the walls. Yep - I like this MUCH better!
One bathroom down - two to go.


Andy, this one is for you.

People in line behind me at the grocery store sigh when I shop.

Suzanne? I think you can relate...

I came across this in the paper last Sunday. Now my life is complete.

Unfortunately, ZBoy spotted this too. Guess what he wants for his birthday????


Me said...

I love it!!!
The colours are so nice and the mirror - so beautiful....

karisma said...

Ha Ha Ha to that last one! I love the bathroom, the curtains look great too!

My mum had a farting Santa this Christmas, my little nephew was such a riot, pulling its finger and cracking up laughing.

Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Love those colors!

Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

In the bathroom I mean...not in the farting bear.

Jeff said...

I knew you would get the bathroom done. I told you!

Jeff said...

I knew you would get the bathroom done. I told you!

karisma said...

Hey I have tagged you for a meme. Come and see what it is.

nikki said...

I adore the bathroom colors. Very cheerful. Hey, I could have used your help yesterday replacing a toilet!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful bath job.