Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Perfect Date

If you've ever seen Miss Congeniality, you probably remember the question put to Miss Rhode Island... What is your idea of a perfect date? And her response?

"I'd have to say April 25th, because it's not too hot and it's not too cold.
All you need is a light jacket."

Well, I have a different answer. My perfect date is April 29th.

Because it's the day I got married to Darling Man thirteen years ago...



But that's not the only reason.

It's also the day that changed my life forever - because four years later, to the day, ZBoy was born.

scan0031 Sense of Style
He was born by c-section because he was breech and they THOUGHT he was huge. As it turns out, he was perfectly average in size. But I was huge - 6 iv bags of fluid before the surgery and I felt like a water balloon with hair! Family came to meet him - my niece Maggie took a special liking to Z that lasts to this day.

The boy Love Lowie
Darling Man fell in love immediately, and never fell out. My grandmother Lowie adored ZBoy's laugh and enjoyed holding him whenever possible.

Sense of Style Sense of Style
I think he was born with an impeccable sense of style...

Dali Lama Smiles
And a peaceful nature. For a minute I thought he might be a Dali Lama incarnation... He sure does look like him! But in this picture with me holding him, he looks like almost every one of my brothers did at one time or another, especially John.

Cook it first? Trains!
He is an adventurous soul, in all things culinary and all things having to do with trains.

The boy

He is my Sonshine.


HoosierGirl5 said...

Great pictures! Man, you two look great in those wedding pictures. Darling Man was hot!

Great post, Sayre. Happy Anniversary!


Kaytabug said...

Oh how sweet!! Sweet post,sweet baby, sweet pictures!! Happy Anniversary!
Happy Birthday Z-boy!

Jan said...

One date for two great events. Love all the photos.

Me said...

You & darling man are such a gorgeous couple!!!
and as always, I love the rock climbing pic - so v. diff!
& Z-Boy - sigh you are right - that just makes my clock tick more :)

karisma said...

Happy Anniversary to you both, and Happy Birthday to Zboy!

I have tears in my eyes looking through these pictures and reading along. You know oohing and ahhing and thinking how beautiful you look! You have an uncanny resemblance to a very dear friend of mine, Zboy even looks a bit like her son when he was little.

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday Z Boy!

nikki said...

HAppy anniversary and Happy Birthday to the Zboy. Man that kid is a cutie. Those eyes are gonna be heart breakers one day.

Jeff said...

Great post and a great day. I am glad you enjoy savoring it like you do!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful, my friend. Absolutely, stunningly beautiful!!

lisa marie said...

Ahhhh, so sweet! Happy birthday (late) to the Zman and happy anniversary to you!

Alice in Wonderbread said...

Happy birthday Z boy, and Happy Anniversary!!! :) Most excellent.

Alice in Wonderbread said...

OK- and I gotta know. What was Z-boy thinking of when he put on the sand bucket and the beer box?

Was he going on a Robot Parade?

Sayre said...

Alice - we have a habit of dressing up at my house, as you may remember... He just decided to be a robot that day and did what he could for a costume!

SwampAngel65 said...

I'm a little late here, so belated Happy Anniversary and bleated Happy Birthday to ZBoy. Great are very blessed!