Sunday, January 18, 2009

Looking for Jesus in all the Wrong Places

For some reason, this post stuck with me... Especially the last line: If anyone out there finds Jesus...please let me know.

So just out of curiosity, I went looking for Jesus on Google. He is everywhere. Sure, he's out there in his usual guise as "Son of God" looking very holy and comforting - but he's also out there in the real world, relating to people on their own level.

When browsing Halloween costumes last year, I came across Jesus costumes:

jesus and schoolgirl

Apparently Jesus likes to party with the Catholic schoolgirl costumes. Not very reassuring.

Then I found this:

Jesus Buddy Costume Jesus Buddy
Buddy Jesus. The guy's got a great costume - looks just like the "real" one! Ever see Dogma? It is curiously one of the most irreverent and deeply religious movies I've ever seen. If you can get past the bad language and a bit of graphic violence, I'd recommend it.

Then there's the edible version of Jesus. This statue caused controversy a couple of years ago - perhaps because it's anatomically correct?

Jesus Chocolate

Perhaps we'd deal with edible Jesus better if he was modeled after a well-known piece of art like the Pieta by Michaelangelo?
Jesus Pieta

Of course those same people may not truly appreciate the Jesus face in the quesadilla (which for some reason wouldn't upload). The person who made said quesadilla mentioned that it was delicious...

This would be a good idea gone wrong. I'm sure who ever came up with this was thinking
Jesus = Light (hope and all other synonyms).

Jesus Light Switch

The actual caption for this photo? Don't turn Jesus ON.

I rather liked this Jesus. He was found in the waiting room of a hospital. Thank God he's looking out for us when the drunk doctors are operating...

Jesus Doctor

I grew up with the phrase "Jesus Christ on a Popsicle Stick!" as a swear word. I'm not sure if that's a regional thing and I never gave it much thought. In fact, I forgot about it until I saw this picture:

Jesus Popsicle Stick
Yeah. That pretty much sums it up.

Sorry I couldn't help you out, Mindy. I have a feeling that none of these are the Jesus you're looking for.


PinkPiddyPaws said...

Hmmm...wonder what you'll find if you Google "Jumping Jesus Christ on a Pogo Stick!" That's the one I grew up with. :)

I LOVE Buddy Jesus and Dogma. Classic Sayre, classic!!!

Anonymous said...

Certainly one of the odder posts you've put up. dad

karisma said...

Interesting post my dear! I wonder how many people you just pissed off with this one? Hopefully they actually say something and don't just go stomping off in the other direction, huffing and puffing! I shall have to come back and see! Tehe!

min said...

Not the right one, but any of them could probably play bass guitar, so send them all over. We'll weed out the ones that don't have any musical talent.
Thanks for looking.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Very interesting. And a little disturbing. I really don't feel comfortable with the "edible" Jesus. It just strikes me as wrong.

You're a deep thinker, girlfriend.


Mrs. Really Long Last Name said...

I TOLD Mindy that I found Jesus. Sheesh.


Molly said...

Interesting post, but I am guessing that if one is looking for Jesus, they have missed the concept that Jesus is already here. Perhaps, the problem might be that we look for a different Jesus. The one, who tells us to, "love our enemies and turn the other cheek", might be hard to follow.

nikki said...

Edible Jesus? I was once at a state fair and they had a cow sculpted in butter.