Wednesday, March 25, 2009

47 and counting

Today's the day... I am now officially 47 years old. I say "officially" because I've been saying that I was 47 for about 6 months now. It must be a sign of aging - I can't actually remember how old I am most of the time, so I take a stab at it. Rather frightening that my stabs are usually higher than the actual age!

It's been a lovely birthday so far - my FaceBook and my email are full of good wishes for today (thanks, everybody!). My brother Matt called from Korea where he's wrapped up his workday just as mine is beginning. He sounds in good spirits. He's learning to speak some Korean because it's hard to talk to people when the only phrase you know is "my husband is a doctor."

I expect that I will hear from all the brothers in one way or another today - mostly email as we are far-flung (only Jerry is local) and international (Matt in Korea, John in Iraq). That's fine - I know they care and actually remember!

When I finally made my way into work, I found this in my inbox:
Dear Aries,
Here is your horoscope for Wednesday, March 25:
You're not very productive right now and it's not just spring fever! You need to relax a little in preparation for the burst of great energy that is coming up soon. Take the day off, if you can.

Dang. I should have checked my other email before I left home!

Actually, I'm glad I came into work. There were all kinds of neat things here.
Like roses on my desk from Darling Man. And Happy Birthday strawberry cupcakes from Betsy (yes, there's one missing - yes, they are delicious!). And I went upstairs to wish my birthday twin happy birthday and give her her presents - and she gave me one too! It's so cute - a little tote with cleaning supplies in it. She said she had to wrestle the dusters away from her son, who had helped her and named the dusters.
And after some discussion yesterday on Facebook about Peeps, I took the last two peeps to the kitchen for their final journey:

Engineers were in attendance - and hoping that the microwave would still be usable afterwards because they needed to heat their lunches... It was an interesting experiment - and I ate them afterwards. They were much fluffier after being blown up. I only did it for 30 seconds because I really didn't want to clean up the mess that might have ensued if they'd gone longer.

Plans? Well, shortly I will leave work and go collect the rest of ZBoy's baseball uniform because his first game is tonight! Darling Man, Z and I will meet my parents for dinner around 4pm at Crystal River (not because we're old - because of the baseball game, silly), go to the game, then repair back to my house for cake. I will probably make another post later to update you on the day - because I can!!!

You have a great day too - because Life is Good!


CHEF TROLL said...

Happy Birthday. I forget how old I am too.

nikki said...

Dude HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Peeps explode in the microwave?! I learn something new every day.

Floridacracker said...

Happy birthday!
Enjoy it!!

Sandcastle Momma said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day - filled with friends, family and love.
Good luck to ZBoy at his game!

Florida Beach Basics said...

Tracked your site down after reading your comment on Pure Florida site about the mobile. I'm hoping for photo! Delightful blog, and I'll be back to visit often. Love a good writer, and having worked with engineers for many years, the part about the Peeps was not a surprise.

Happy birthday.


Bobbie Leigh said...


Island Rider said...

Happy happy birthday. We were born one week (and four years apart!) And my youngest son's birthday is today. He is 18! Glad you are having a good day. Hope Z boy hits a home run in your honor.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! Those cupcakes look delicious!


Mama Drama Margaret said...

WTH is wrong w/ Nikki - how am I the only one who knew about Peeps?

Cleaning supplies? For your birfday?

I love cupcakes.

Mama Drama Margaret said...

Oh....and I thought there were issues with Zboy and baseball? Or am I delusional again?

JR said...

Happy Birthday, mine sister...

And here's a peep video that might shed a little light on the phenomenon:


margaret (the misanthrope) said...

What a great Part 1 of your birthday! Heading up to read Part 2...

karisma said...

Yay! Happy Birthday! Stop eating all that cake, you will get fat! Mwah, hugs and smoochies xxxx