Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Day has Arrived

ZBoy is taking violin lessons through the Strings program at school. Two days a week, he looks like a little camel, humping all his stuff to school. Giant backpack? Check. Violin in hard case? Check. Instruction book? Check (in giant backpack). Music stand? Check.

Sort of check.

The violin is rented, but the music stand we had to buy. It came with a carrying bag, so that it can be carried over the shoulder. Unfortunately, the bag that came with it was made of thin material and after only a few weeks into the program, there was a hole in the end of the bag. If you look at the stand, you'll see all kinds of sharp, poke-y edges (ours doesn't have rubber tips) and those edges just sliced right through the bag. A day later, a big hole appeared in the OTHER end. Now the bag resembles a fabric tube with a handle. It does NOT hold the stand in.

This morning was the first day of Strings this week. The tape was coming off the bag (it didn't want to stick to the slick material), so I cast about for some other way to carry the stand to school. I found a thin Electric Company backpack that would hold it, though some of the stand would stick out the top.

Z would have none of it. Said it was "too embarrassing" and that he would be teased about his bag.

What? What's so embarrassing about an Electric Company bag? It's actually pretty hip-looking.

I told him fine... he could just take the stand with no bag. That I would make him a bag for his stand that would be strong and stand up to the punishment of sharp edges and 10-year old boy.

"Now I just have to decide on a material. Should it have a Hello Kitty pattern? Puppies? Balloons? Babies in diapers? Maybe clowns..."

I glanced over to the passenger seat where Z was staring at me, mouth agape. "You wouldn't do that, would you, Mom?"

I'm guessing that the Electric Company bag isn't looking so bad now.

Don't worry. I won't do that to my boy. I'm just sad that this day has arrived so soon for him.

That day when what other people think becomes too important.


Scott said...

Dear lady, you don’t know me and I’m sorry for intruding. I followed your link from Mindy’s post. I’m a musician and have dealt with the use of those foldable, portable, music stands. I play a trumpet and carry it around in what’s called a gig bag. I believe you could purchase one which could localize everything into one case. Of course it would have to be made of Kevlar and color coded to match the giant backpack but it would be usable for years if decisions were made to continue lessons. The bag (case) I use carries my horn, manicure set (there’s nothing more irritating then a hangnail during performance). All my valve oil, slide grease and small engine tune up parts are kept with the mutes in a special compartment designed with the “live out of a suit case” lifestyle in mind. There’s room for toiletries and gummy bears. In an attached zippered compartment I carry the Stand along with music books, Thank-you cards, Birthday cards and even extra Anniversary cards just in case. It’s a wise investment which I have found more difficult to lose then my wallet. It could also double as a paintball gun case.
Black electrical tape my protect against those sharp edges.

Mom said...

Excellent advice from Scott. While you look for such a specialized case, give me the ratty old bag, and I will sew new ends into it using heavy canvas. I think Dad has some of that liquid rubber for coating tool handles. I'll bet you could dip the sharp ends into that stuff and make them less lethal.

Mom said...

PS--you might ask cousin Stan if he has a source for the specialized cases.

SophieMae said...

Ah, how things have changed. In prehistoric times, I had a stand to practice at home, but at school, stands were provided. Then again, we didn't have to charter a bus for the away games.

I wonder if they ever outgrow that embarrassment. I'm still waiting for Duller to do so. 8-]

Hoosier Girl said...

It's all about what is "cool". I have 3 teenagers and what looks good is king.

Don't worry - he's still your boy.

BTW, I love you torturing him with your options for fabric. That's the kind of stuff I do to MY kids. (evil giggle)


Janis said...

Peer pressure sucks! Unfortunately its part of growing up. You can only hope to keep the communication open.

Pamela said...

gee... I should ask Scott about one of those for my bird watching junk. ha ha

I'm so glad he's playing the violin! I wish I'd not quit taking lessons when I was his age.

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Well, a a member of a family of professional musicians, I agree with Scott.

Peer pressure aside (and I am SO with you on that, my friend!!), you gotta have a proper case.

Scott said...

Now that we’ve put the pressure on and while there is a majority, peer pressure will always dictate what happens to the bag after you drop him off at school. It might get traded for a PBJ sandwich, chips and a Ding Dong. Those GPS child locators might come in handy when trying to reacquire traded merchandise but you’ll have to sew it into the case so the two stay together.