Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fun Monday - Procrastination

Faye is hosting Fun Monday for the Month of October, and this is the challenge for this week:
Please share your three favorite ways of procrastinating. Is your plan for time management similar to Maxine's? Or, do you have other strategies for putting off that work equally well?

I can procrastinate like nobody's business!!!

I procrastinated that couch project right out to the curb. I realized that there was no way I'd ever find the time to do it because there was always something more important that needed doing.

Somehow, the floor for the upstairs hallway and master bedroom is still in the garage.

And the upstairs bathroom still holds up the wallpaper I started peeling off when I installed the new toilet a couple of years ago.

And that's just household projects.

So, what am I doing instead of all these pressing projects???

Catching up on "How I Met Your Mother" (Lord only knows why) and cleaning out old recordings from the DVR. Working in the yard. Playing on the computer (FaceBook). Reading. Crossword puzzles!

Sometimes I fool my self into thinking I'm accomplishing something by doing laundry while I watch TV - which means there's 10 minutes of actual activity every hour or so.

I find lots of ways to procrastinate... but I'm not sure why. I think I just imagine that I need a big chunk of time to get these things done, and I never seem to have that big chunk of time. So projects get started but never quite get finished. I need to make a hit list for my house and just start tackling stuff. Otherwise, I might just procrastinate my year away!


Jan n Jer said...

Its so hard to finish projects when your working full time. Just keeping up the normal everyday upkeep of running a home takes a lot of work. Making a list does help and check it off when you finish!

ari_1965 said...

Sometimes putting things out on the curb is therapeutic. I wish I could put my dirty laundry out on the curb.

Lavon said...

I cannot understand how we can find time to start project but not to finish them.
Life gets in the way of life!

karisma said...

I think my worst one is the tile feature wall behind the fireplace. What feature wall? Its still tileless, the pile of tiles and glue still sitting on the floor two years later! Woops!

Faye said...

You hit the nail on the head with that waiting for a perfect block of time to finish something. I did that more when working than now--which meant that a lot of projects got pushed back until they were full blown emergencies. Something tells me that when cooler weather gets here your unfinished househol projects will get done.

Molly said...

Making a hit list sounds like a good plan. Those big chunks of time are hard to come by. Sometimes, I like little projects to feel like something is being accomplished.

Sandy said...

I did not even mention the unfinished projects around my house! Our problem is that my husband says, let's do such and such and I immediately go out and buy the supplies and he really meant like, maybe in the next millenium. Oh, well.

Peter said...

Judging by your two examples procrastination isn't your problem, its more tackling projects that require the services of a horde of tradesmen.

Peter said...

I should have mentioned that I always rinse the plates etc before stacking them.

Jill said...

I tend to want a few hours to myself to get things done. I feel a GREAT accomplishment when the house is totally cleaned all at once. Even though I clean this and that every day and laundry is almost always caught up (including diapers several times a week!)... it just doesn't feel 'good' like tackling a bunch at once does! Since Keeley's birthday party is on Saturday, I've got to get moving on cleaning, though. I'm starting with diapers (of course) in the wash, and am going to stuff the last few clean ones I didn't do yesterday, then fold towels/sheets and her clothes, which I washed yesterday and the day before (rolling eyes).. get her NEW clothes that I bought in JANUARY out and get them de-tagged, de-stickered, read the labels and throw them all in the wash for fall/winter! I've got to run the dishwasher, and see how I feel after all of that! lol. It's going to be a busy morning! I can't actually do the CLEANING part until Friday night after she's in bed, probably!

Jill said...

oh and I just posted my procrastination post on my blog today. biffs head in annoyance..