Monday, April 28, 2014

Fun Monday, April 28th - Me, me, me!

Today, we're telling a little bit about ourselves AND including a selfie shot.  I can tell you that I am  not of the hip, here and now generation because I am terrible at taking selfies.  Half the time I'm not even in the picture.  I don't know where to look.  Occasionally though, I get lucky and manage to not only get my whole face in there, but to have my eyes open and be looking in the lens too!  I actually pulled it off today, after several tries at various times of the day:

No makeup, except the eyebrows (which are invisible if I don't draw them on).  Long day, but here it is!

I have reached a comfortable age.  That doesn't mean I'm rich, or even that I have much money at all, but that I am comfortable with who I am.  Not much embarrasses me, much to my son's eternal delight AND chagrin.  I call everyone by their first name because they all feel like peers to me - from the college kids and older teens to the 90+'ers.  If you're over 90, you do get a Miss or Mr. in front of your name though.  I guess that's my southern upbringing.  I don't know who people are talking to when they call me Mrs. S.  Our youth leader insists on it, even after I told him it was okay to use my first name only.  That boy was raised right!  Still...  it feels odd.

I'm married (19 years tomorrow) and have a son (15 years tomorrow) and a granddaughter (13 years last February).  They are my little world.  My next-biggest world includes my parents and my 5 brothers and their wives - a niece, two nephews, and a nephew-to-be sometime in June.  We are a fairly international family.  My cousin is part Puerto Rican.  One brother married a Korean girl and another one married a girl from Egypt.  I also have in-laws of various flavors, but I don't see them as often.  The next ring of world belongs to my church, my friends and my work.  They help keep me grounded and busy and sane all at the same time (Lord knows I need the help some days). 

I have always wanted to be a writer, but since my job keeps me tied to a computer screen most of the day, my brain just can't face more concentrated time in front of one and has turned to other pursuits to express creativity. 
Sometimes I make figures out of felt.

Sometimes I like to crochet.
I like painting furniture and rooms and recently pictures.  I want to try throwing pottery.  Actually, I'd like to try everything.
Mostly though, I'm pretty happy.  Even when my son paints my face.


Jill said...

so fun! I forgot it was monday. fail! I will post one though, even though it's late!

Molly said...

Your pictures are wonderful. I like being on a first name basis with almost everyone. That practice seems to put everyone on the same level. However, I understand that others prefer Mrs. or Aunt. Perhaps, some day you will be able to be a writer. Until then you have your blog.