Friday, July 21, 2006

A Great Find!

If you will recall, a couple of posts ago, Z-boy and I went out in search of new shoes to cure a bad case of Funky Feet. Our travels on that mission took us to the mall, where mission was accomplished at Payless.

On our way out of the mall, Z-boy spotted some of those weird aroma lamps that give off the mist, so he dragged me over to look. They were in a Hydromassage franchise, which had all things massage available for purchase. The previous day, I'd had a muscle spasm in my back which was still incredibly sore and I was sorely tempted by a 10 minute session in the hydromassage booth, but since I had Z with me, no dice. I couldn't keep an eye on him while enclosed behind a curtain on a pressurized waterbed wearing earphones and an eyemask. Bummer.

Z, of course, had to examine everything and he picked up something that looked like a plastic hand. What's this? he asked brightly to the store clerk who was a charming gentleman about the age of my husband, possibly a year or two more. He had noticed the rather awkward way I was carrying my purse, so he told me to turn around to demonstrate to Z. Oh. My. God. It was, in a word, amazing. No batteries, just this plastic thing that he moved lightly over my shoulder.

I just knew my beloved would adore me if I bought them, so I did.

Today, he went fishing in his kayak. Then he picked up the boy from camp, had a mini adventure with him, then came home, cooked his fish, played with the boy (where I was during all of this is another post), and not too long after I got home, he said he was done and headed off for bed.

I waited a few minutes, then went in and covered him up with a soft sheet (it works better over a t-shirt or a sheet - tends to stick on bare skin). Just as he was about to protest that it was too warm for a sheet, I started moving this thing around on his upper back. He collapsed back on the bed face down and muttered, "Oh. My. God."

I did his back, his legs, his arms all the while telling him where I found this and how it worked. And now I will tell you - this is the most amazing, simple and relaxing massage (and I mean for muscles) tool I've ever come across. As a former biking hammer head and rock climber, I've tried out quite a few massage thing-ys over the years, so I can say this with some authority. It's made by a company called Heavens Therapy ( and the thing is called Hand Wizard. It was designed by an acupuncturist named Dr. Zhang. You can use it with oil too, but I really like that you can just use it the way it comes. And it was VERY inexpensive too! Under $10 (at least where I got mine...). Try it... You'll like it!

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