Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's Official

YES!!!! We sold our house!

In one of the more unusual deals our real estate agent has seen in a while... She called us last night to say that someone made an offer. That they were qualified, had put down earnest money and really wanted it. But they wanted it for nearly 10,000 less than what we were asking. Now, we were already asking the lowest price we could afford, so there was really no wiggle room - so we countered their offer, taking off $3,000 from our asking price and having already decided to wait for another buyer if they didn't take it. Their counter to our offer???? Full asking price! How very weird is that????? I won't quibble, though! We signed the papers of our intent to sell to them today and closing is August 11th.

Our agent asked, jokingly, if we were busy on the 11th. Well, actually, yes. My husband looked across the table at me and said, "You already know what you're doing on the 11th???" I said, "Well, if we schedule this closing for in the morning, I know what I'm doing all day!" The afternoon will be taken up with school orientation for my son.... a big date since this is a new school for him. Now it's a big date for all of us!

This is my father-in-law. Last week he had multiple surgeries to help him regain the use of his arms and his hands. It seems to have done some good. He's alert, interested, and only using one hand to eat (before it took him two hands to lift the fork or spoon to his mouth). A rather amazing recovery for a 79+ guy. He was moved to a rehab center a couple of days ago, and I got by to see him today.

He's been making noises about going home - and today I saw why. It's actually a fairly nice place, though a little run down. Looks like they're getting a new roof and the decor really isn't bad, the staff is excellent. But he didn't want to be there with all those "old people". Now, Pop is getting up there in years, but I have to agree - he's not ready for the nursing home just yet. There were lots of people in wheelchairs in the hallways. Some of them were asleep. Some were just sitting there watching people go by. There was one guy that was wandering around with wet pants and holding himself like he still thought he had to go (note: I saw same guy later sitting down to dinner and he was clean and fresh-looking, so someone took care of him shortly after I saw him). Nope. This is not the place for Pop.

All of his sons are in town and the other two sisters-in-law did an "assisted living" tour of town to find the best place for my father- and mother-in-law to live. When I first heard this, I felt a little indignant that they would decide that it was time for this to happen, but after I talked to one of my sisters-in-law, I thought that maybe they were the ones on the right track and I was the one off base. The place they settled on is very nice. It has two-bedroom apartments with a living area, small kitchen, and a bathroom for each bedroom. The facilites are nice: there's a common room and a dining hall that behaves like a restaurant. You can actually order off a menu there. There's "assisted living" and full-nursing and a hybrid of the two for people who may or may not find themselves in need of more help later. And there's a waiting list. You put your name on the list and when your name comes up, they call you and give you the option of getting that space. If you turn it down, you keep your place on the list (no bumping back to the end). And if you decide not to do it at all, you get all of your deposit back. Actually, it sounds ideal - and I'm wondering when I can sign up....

Anyway, Pop is going home on Saturday if all goes well. They'll have home health care, so the burden won't all be on my mother-in-law's shoulders while he recouperates. And of course there's us and the other brother- and sister-in-law. This is why we moved to town. It just happened a little faster than we'd anticipated.

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