Monday, August 14, 2006

Back to School!!! Hurray, says Mom!

Bah! Blogger won't let me post the outside-the-new-school picture. Just the getting-ready-for-school picture!

He had a wonderful day one. I took him to where he needed to be, and with a quick hug and no over-the-shoulder glance, my baby boy stepped into second grade. He likes his teacher; he felt confident as they were doing review; he can spell all the words on his spelling list without even thinking about it.

Apparently the only mar on this day is a boy who grabbed his hand and squeezed it so hard he almost cried.

But he made a friend today too, so the day wasn't a total loss to the bully. I give him a chance to work through this on his own, but will step in if he needs help. We've handled a couple of bullies - who were kids who really just needed a friend but had no clue as to how to go about it. Luckily, Z-boy is good at this, and remains friends with the past bullies even today.

I just hope this school turns out to be as wonderful as his last school.


Nikki said...

Lauren starts on the 23rd - going to the 3rd grade.

I think I'm more nervous than she is. LOL

Janet said...

Hey there

Thanks for trying to participate in this week's TITMT, but I don't see a Tuesday post. Is it still coming?:(

nikki said...

wow, school doesn't start here until septembe 5th! so did you shed a tear when your baby headed off to second grade? i'm prepared to be a mess when my son goes to kindergarden (thankfully it's another 3 years off!)

Sayre said...

I DID get weepy. I sort of suspected that I might, so I wore no makeup. As usual, it wasn't until I got back in the car before the waterworks started.

Kindergarden was tough. I actually had to take half a day off from work to recover from that!

Anonymous said...

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