Tuesday, August 22, 2006

So True

Ceiling art I don't know where she got it, but my mom sent me this picture. If you are truly dim, I shall explain. This is a smoking lounge. The ceiling of the lounge is painted to be an open grave... from below. Message - If you're smoking, you may as well be here.

I will admit that if I were still smoking, this picture would have pissed me off. I already KNEW that what I was doing was hurting myself. And other people. So what did I do? I sent it on to someone I know who is still smoking... and I wish she would stop. You see, ever since I quit (2 years in January), I cannot stand to be around cigarette smoke (or any other kind of smoke). The unfortunate consequence of this turn of events is that I cannot stand to be around my friend for very long either. Her presence makes me feel physically ill because of the smell. Even if she's not actively smoking, the smell is all over her. NOTE TO CURRENT SMOKERS: You cannot be a closet smoker. Even if you only smoke outside, the smell sticks to you. You may think you are hiding it, but you are not. I never realized it until the smell wasn't in my nose all the time. I stunk. You stink. I don't want you in my house. I don't want you in my car. Because as offensive as cigarette smoke is, vomit is even worse.


Nikki said...

No way I stink (ahem).

Nikki said...


Jeff said...

Smoking is so controversial. It is one post I wrote on my blog where someone actually commented in disagreement.

Sayre said...

What country do you live in, Jeff? I hear that EVERYONE smokes in France and in a few other countries, but it would seem that Americans are starting to get the message. More and more states are passing anti-smoking legislation, which is making it harder and harder for smokers to smoke anywhere except in their own private spaces. I know, because I was having a few issues with that my own self when I still smoked. Now that I don't, I can't imagine why I did in the first place.

Maybe it's not that it's controversial so much as the feelings run high around the subject. People who smoke vs. the people who don't.

Alice in Wonderbread said...

It was the anti-smoking pictures that woke me up- the one where three kids were smoking in a small canoe with a hole. Two life jackets. Meaning: 1 in three smokers die as a result of their habit. That somehow stuck with me, more than the tears and the angst and the smell and the hoohah- smoking is like playing russian roulette but with two bullets in the six barrel chamber instead of only one. Do I want to take that kind of risk? hell no.

And on the girly movies I want to add these girl fave perennials:

A League of Their Own- a must for any younger sister/older sister friendship.
The Wedding Singer- the only movie I adored Drew Barrymore in outside of E.T.

and although it's not in my all time fave list:

Notting Hill- the one Julia Roberts movie I really like.
The Diary of Bridget Jones- I saw this with three of my 30something single best friends. GREAT