Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Will wonders never cease?

With thunder booming all around us and making the windows rattle, my husband and son went out on the deck to see if they could spot the storm. Squeals of delight drew me out as well. A baby oppossum was headed under the deck. Seconds later, it turned around and headed back towards the woods. I was marveling at the speed for such a little one when...


I saw French stalking him and coming up fast from behind. With little hope, we yelled, "French! Stop! Come here, kitty!" To our astonishment, he stopped, looked up at us, then started coming back towards the steps. He actually stopped his hunting because we said so!

Can you say TUNA? Gooooooddddd Kitty!



Jeff said...

Wow! A cat that listens to commands. Where was that video camera when you needed it?

nikki said...

can you say check your attic again? it could also be my raccoon seeing that he's homeless now.

Mama C said...

hope you guys made it through Ernesto okay. We're getting some rain bands here in SC, but not too bad. Glad you got to see something cool in the midst of the storms!