Friday, August 17, 2007

Elvis LIVES!

I blame Nikki.

You see, she started it all with this contest and I, foolish girl that I am, signed up for the challenge. I thought it would be FUN. And it was. She sent me a JPEG of Elvis. I cut it out and took pictures of him all over the place. In the bushes. At the dentist office. At work. In fact, everyone at work got in on the act!!! They suggested places to put Elvis and I wound up with a LARGE file of Elvis pictures. For my trouble, I won this:


Even Mr. McFeeley stopped by my office to admire it.

Now, I can't seem to stop.


It's an illness, I tell you!

Last night was the 30th Anniversary of the Death of the King. And being a poor little PBS station with Elvis pledge programming at our disposal, we decided to have an Elvis Night! And being a poor on-air promotions manager, I had to come up with some kind of promo for this out of thin air. Enter my ever expanding collection of "Where's Waldo?"-style Elvis pictures. And one shot of a guy in Las Vegas from a few years ago. We ran the hell out of it since Monday night.

Thursday was the big night. Music was in the air, and Elvis was in the building. Many, many times over.

IMG_2714 IMG_2718
If you were nice enough to call in a pledge, you got to talk to one of these!

IMG_2717 IMG_2719
Impersonators came in both genders. Can you guess which are male Elvises and which are female Elvises?

IMG_2720 IMG_2716
And of course, what is an Elvis without a Priscilla? It's big in the picture, but let me tell you, that hair in person is truly impressive. Hard to believe that people used to actually walk around like this all the time!

I took my son to work with me. He was very grumpy and just didn't get the whole Elvis thing. He didn't understand why I thought it was fun, a laugh or a funny thing to do on a Thursday night. With arms tightly crossed over his chest and a frown seemingly permanently etched on his face, he lumbered after me into the studio. As we came around the flats to the set, his arms relaxed until his hands were planted on his hips. The furrows in his forehead smoothed out and he slowly turned his face towards me... wearing a huge grin.


By Elvis, I think he's got it!


nikki said...

I love it, I love it, I love it. You just made my day!

(We had the same PBS special on. I really want the 25 Anniversary Concert Special, but I can't afford the $150 pledge!)

(can I use any more exclamation points?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Oh, The Joys said...

Oh, the kitsch!!! Yay!!

HoosierGirl5 said...

I know this post is about Elvis, but I just have to say, Zboy is soooo cute!!! I love his little face!!!


OneFullHouse said...

This is so fun! And Zboy is adorable.

min said...

Are we sure that nikki isn't reincarnated Elvis? How old is she?

Jeff said...

Great Elvis post. I am sorry I missed the contest! lol