Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fun Monday - Laughing all the way

My drive to work never fails to produce a giggle for me, which inspired this week's Fun Monday Challenge: Take your camera with you as you go about your business and take a picture of the things that make you laugh along the way. I was originally thinking about signs, since that's what usually does it for me, but I left it open to your interpretation.

But for me? It's definitely signs.

This one never fails:


Not that there's anything wrong with that... but the fact that it's on the side of a Chinese restaurant just tickles my funny bone.


Another two also belong to a restaurant. I managed to take these pictures on the only truly sunny day we've had recently, so they look a little washed out.


The first time I saw this I guffawed. Then when I went to take the picture for this post, I noticed its sister sign on the other side of the door:


REALLY? As opposed to what? Silly delivery? Dramatic delivery? I'm tempted to call in a delivery order just to see what that means.

My last sign is actually the first one I ever noticed. Just like I have dyslexic ears, I also have dyslexic eyes. It can make for some very entertaining sign reading. Like this one:


What's so funny about THAT sign, you might be asking...

Well, my eyes didn't read that as "Hope House". Due to the rather unfortunate placement of the cross, my eyes see "Hore House - Jesus Loves YOU!" I remember saying to myself that those "Hores" needed to go back to school because they couldn't even spell their profession correctly. Of course, the mental doubletake fixed the sign in my head, but my initial read was pretty funny.

So now that you've had a peek into my somewhat warped brain, go see what makes other people laugh as they head to work or around town (linky list below). And don't forget to check in with Mariposa tomorrow to see what the new assignment is for the NEXT Fun Monday!

The Players (what is the record here? This seems like a lot of people!!!):

1. Mariposa (who's also volunteered to host next week)
2. Serina Hope
3. Sauntering Soul
4. Megnificent
5. Nikki (Crazy Mom)
6. Lil Mouse
7. Patience-Please
8. Junebug (LINK FIXED)
9. Swampy
10. Lisa Marie (Lisa's Chaos)
11. Rotten Correspondent
12. Janet (from her own planet)
13. Irish Coffeehouse
14. MamaLang
15. The Nekkid Lizards (LINK FIXED - I misspelled "Nekked" as you can see)
16. Southern Doll
17. Alison
18. Min (that dramatic Mama in heels)
19. Jientje
20. Karisma
21. Linda (apparently straight up and slightly dirty)
22. Angela (a Lurcher)
23. Hootin' Anni (what a hoot!)
24. Raising3Saints
25. ChrisB
26. Gattina
27. Robin (My 2 Blessings)
28. Jenni
29. Jan
30. Melanie
31. Arkansas Songbird
32. Ellen B
33. Cynthia
34. my4kids
36. Lisa (Food Snob)
37. Kaytabug
38. Ann (For the Long Run)
39. Robin
40. Faye
41. Debs (who has a valentine's patch this week!)
42. Blue Momma
43. Robinella
44. Jettie
45. Ari 1965
46. Celeste
47. Yummy
48. JoB
49. Kim
50. Lana G
51. Bren
51. Jennifer (hostage of dustbunnies)
52. Robin (the Pensieve one)
53. Peter
54. BS (First of 6)
55. Karina
56. Secret Agent Mama (late addition)
57. Rachel (late addition)
58. Tracey (late addition)
59. Saramason (late addition)
60. Baba's Blog (late addition)


Anonymous said...

Oh man you found some fun signs. This is going to be a fun Monday for sure...

Faye said...

Well at least there's something free in this world--is that kind of like tastings? If you like the sample, you'll buy.

Lana G! said...

Never would have guessed those signs would be on a Chinese Restaurant! Too funny. Happy Fun Monday to you!

Alison said...

great signs...I saw hore house also!! too funny...

Thanks for hosting..this was alot of fun!!!

the planet of janet said...

awesome signs. totally threw me that it was a chinese restaurant!!

thanks for hosting this week! (i did cheat just a smidge on mine tho....)

Anonymous said...

No wonder you thought of this theme! You've got GREAT hilarious views on your way to work! All of 'em make me wonder WHAT their writers/owners were thinking. Thing is, the ALL get your attention (even if it IS to laugh!).

I wish I had read your instructions sooner so I could've started lookin' before now...I guess I kinda cheated a little :/.

(Mine's up early, too.)

Thanks for hosting--a FUN original theme for sure :).

Gattina said...

You are lucky to find some funny signs ! I couldn't find any and if I had seen some they would all be in french or flemish and sometimes you just can translate. So I had to find something else !

-Ann said...

Excellent post. I read the Jesus sign as "Hope Jesus Loves You" sort of like I hope Jesus loves you, because otherwise you're SOL. Great Fun Monday assignment!

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

I love that last one...that is brilliant!!

karisma said...

They were funny! I on the other hand have copped out as I did not get a chance to go out this week. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant signs! I'm quite jealous of all the American FMers because there are some great signs out there!

Peter said...

Yep some funny signs there Sayre, BTW I think there were over 80 players last week that's the most I've seen.

Jientje said...

They are brilliant!
I have only a two minute walk to get to work, so there is really nothing very interesting there
. I have bent the rules a little bit by posting two signs I saw when I was on holliday in France! I hope you don't mind? They are funny, and that's the main goal right?
So, yes ... mine is up!

Celeste said...

Great signs.....have you ever tried out the serious delivery, btw?

ChrisB said...

We really don't get signs like that here! The last three I found particularly funny :)

Jill said...

free smells. i love it. sometimes that's all i like about a restaurant, the smells! oh well. i cheated a bit, but i stay inside most of the time and we had another blizzard this weekend. sigh!

Jill said...

I dont think JUNEBUGS link is right. i've never seen it in spanish before, that's for sure...

Jill said...

nekkid lizard adventures didnt work for me either :-( the link i mean!

Melanie said...

You found some great signs! When I saw the last one I thought it said "Hope Jesus Loves You"...

Great finds!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Ha! I read it "Hope Jesus loves you."

God. I do to.

Bren said...

Ha! I saw "Hore House" too!

Love the Free Smells!

Jill said...

Sarah #35 needs another /behind the link so it will work! thanks for fixing those... this was a quick trip through the blogosphere this morning! i can't believe i got them all open before 8!

thefoodsnob said...

Love the free smells!


Jan said...

Hi, love your post. Looks as if my windspinner has been discontinued, but here are some others:

Or, check your local kite shop.

Anonymous said...

"Hore House!" I am laughing my ass off with that one.

Unknown said...

I would want fun delivery and I have not yet met fresh chinese foods.

I read that last sign as, "Hope Jesus Loves you", so I read it wrong first too. Maybe they should fix their sign.

Anonymous said...

Add me! I'll be going out shopping soon, and will find something, I'm sure!!

Mishelle (@

AutoSysGene said...

LOL! I thought the last sign said. "Hope Jesus Loves You!!"


Junebug said...

The first thing I saw was Hore House too. The eyes can deceive! :D I finally got my post up. Sorry, I didn't do well this week.

Sandy said...

Great signs and great topic! Thanks for hosting.

the rotten correspondent said...

I saw Hore, too. It's not just you!

Thanks for hosting this week. It was a lot of fun!

Pam said...

thanks for the info - I'll be sure to check it out so I can play along too! Thanks again!

Sauntering Soul said...

When I think of Chinese food, I don't think "dang, that's fresh" or "sweet folks". That's hysterical!

Thanks for hosting this week.

SwampAngel65 said...

Hey, don't sweat it, it's not a big deal!

The fact that it's still dark when I drive to work doesn't help matters, either :) And the trip home is so hectic with God-Awful traffic, I can't really do alot of looking around.

The signs you see are too funny! I love the chinese restaurant ones!

Cynthia said...

I like the Hore house. My brain does stuff like that to me all the time.

Somewhere I left you a comment to remove me from fun monday cause i couldn't think of anything. I tried to find that comment and remove it but couldn't find it??

I thought of something and have it posted.

Jill said...

Sarah is fixed now... woohoo!way to go!

Robinella said...

I read that last one as "Hope Jesus Loves You." at first.

Thanks for hosting!!

Kaytabug said...

I see that last both way hore and hope he love you. All of your signs are too funny!! Thanks for hosting!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee. Those are brill signs. I read 'hore' as well.
Thanks for hosting such a fab Fun Monday.

j said...

Yea! I am posted. Thanks for letting me play - Jennifer

Attie said...

I read it to as Hope Jesus loves ya...and serious does that mean they won't smile when they deliver it> funny!!!

Baba said...

Since I don't work and have no signs to show for Monday, I posted a statue of two boys , I saw yesterday while out shopping...

Anonymous said...

Since I am home most of my moments are in the house. But I did see a sign the other day that I pass every week and just noticed it (in the middle of a suburb of Chicago): Turtle Crossing. Something about it and where it was just made me laugh out loud. I don't have a picture of that, but I did post today.

Linda said...

Yikes there are a lot of funny signs where you are! Love the Hore House!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the late, newcomer! I'd like to be added to future lists.

Mine's Up for today!!

Mariposa said...

Serious delivery as opposed to...? That made me LOL!

Tracey9AD said...

I love the Fresh sign! Too funny. I posted too, but have never participated, so I don't know how to add my url to the list. Here is my info:

Thanks for hosting!

Me said...

lol - i love your signs.
And ps: i thought it was hore house too when i first looked at it :)

Rachel said...

I love the signs, how do you sign up for fun Monday? I have posted it on my blog. my blog is

If you could leave me a comment to tell me how to join I would really appreciate that! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sayre, I'm all caught up with you right back to the chemistry lesson about hell. I'm so relieved that hell is now extinct and we can all look forward to heaven.

The signs are great!

BS said...

Great pictures - thanks for hosting. Free smells - I would understand if it was at a donut shop or bakery but chinese - those smells aren't always the best !!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being the hostess this week. It's been fun looking at the signs. I like your chinese signs.

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

just wanted to let you know that your two books "I never knew that about Wales" has arrived. Can you let me have an address and I will get them in the mail for you!

aojevans at talk21 dot com

Irish Coffeehouse said...

I love your pictures! They are great and way too comical!

Sassy said...

Although I don't have a picture of it, there is a sign for a butcher in New Orleans that says:

"You can't BEAT Wagnan's Meat"....

Ponder that one for a minute.

Molly said...

I am sorry to have missed your Fun Monday, and it did look like a fun one. Initially, I could not think of any contributions. Then, I remembered a local spa called "Nailhouse Rock." However, sadly the business that was owned by one of my former students is no longer there.

flutter said...

LOL Dang that's Fresh!