Monday, June 23, 2008

Fun Monday - Treasures in the Closet

I'm back - and just in time for FUN MONDAY!!! I gotta get this done before I pass out (sitting up is ridiculously tiring right now), but I wanted to let you all know that I'm alive and flipping my toes - kicking will come later.

HulaGirl, that incredibly nosy woman, is our hostess this week and she wants to know this:

After much thought and consideration I’ve come up with the following topic….clothing…specifically clothing you can’t get rid of. We all have at least one or two items of clothing that we can’t part with, even if we can’t or don’t wear them. I want to know about yours. Show us if you have pictures or describe it in detail. Model it for us if you dare. Nothing naughty please-we don’t want to see your backside (or your front side) in that thong you foolishly bought in Cancun on vacation.

Just for the record, I have NEVER made that thong mistake.

I wasn't quite sure what I was going to show you. After all, I rather ruthlessly cleared out my closet just recently, dumping clothing I'd been holding onto for years in the vain hope that I'd fit into it again and/or the vague hope that whatever it was would be back in style by then. My closet is now a third of what it once was, so I peeked into it rather hopelessly - and found these!

Little black dress

I bought this dress just before my 20th high school reunion. It was my first and last "little black dress" and though it was (at the time) the biggest piece of clothing I'd ever owned, I felt quite lovely while wearing it. The hanger doesn't do it justice. You can't see how the shape just skims the body in the most flattering way, and how the little rhinestone button in the middle makes your waist seem smaller. I thought about getting rid of it many times because I didn't think I'd ever get into it again. Now that my 30th high school reunion is waving at me from two years in the future, I look at this dress again - and realize that I can fit into it again!

Grandma's dress?

I've never worn this dress, but it's been living in my closet for several years now. It's the same size as the little black dress. My mother gave it to me because she couldn't get into it anymore. By the time she was ready to wear it, she'd outgrown it. I'm not sure about this, but I think she got it from my grandmother's closet after she died. Something about this dress looks like Grandma. But if that's true, then Grandma never wore it either because it still has the price tag on it!!!! So, why is it STILL in my closet? Sentimental reasons? Some. But mostly because I like the color and the cut and one day I will wear it!

Scarf Mom made me

It doesn't get that cold here in Florida most of the time - especially recently. But it does in Oklahoma, which is where I was living when my mother crocheted this beautiful scarf for me. The colors are gorgeous, the workmanship superior and it's a marvelously warm thing to have around your neck or over your shoulders. It's nice and wide, so I have worn it as a shrug before. The scarf and the turtle fur gloves my husband gave me live in a special box in my closet and wait for the day when I say, "I'm cold!"

There you go - Fun Monday! Visit HulaGirl and see what the other participants have dragged out of their closets! I'll get around to the rest of you sometime this week, but for now, I need to go lie down again. Happy Monday!


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I love the texture of the second dress. I just want to run my hands over it.

Cori G. said...

Hey I have a dress made out of that same blue fabric. It drapes beautifully!
So sorry to hear about your surgery. I hope you'll be feeling better soon.

lisa marie said...

Hey every girl needs a little black dress. :)

But I'm mad you didn't tell us how you're doing. So spill it! Hope you're recouping well. XO

I am getting sooooo ticked at blogger for making me type and retype comments. Taking up to 10 times to go through. Ugh! (I'm bald now)

Faye said...

Oh, you have a culsha uniform, Sayre! That little black dress would see you through many artful evenings, after dinner at a fancy and delicious place. But then, if you made a habit out of that the little black dress would no longer be at your service!

Lovely scarf--can see how you'd feel totally done up in it.

Gattina said...

A 3 generation dress with the price tag ! that's really special, lol !

Jan said...

Love the post, but I'm thinking a new dress for the next reunion, you deserve it. I'm with Lisa, how are you? Next time you're up to it, let us all know.

karisma said...

Hooray! Glad to see you are wiggling those toes! I absolutely love your scarf its gorgeous! And yes little black dresses never go out of fashion, I also have one of those somewhere (I don't really like black but I still have a little black dress LOL!) I think the Grandma dress really needs to go! Now seriously, its ugly (No offense to your mum there but really you are far too young to dress frumpy!)

Now speaking of thongs! I was going to be cheeky and show you some of mine! But alas my camera and computer are having a mexican stand off! They are not speaking to each other!

For all of you having a heart attack right now, thongs in Australia are worn on your feet! Mind you I was going to stick one on my bum just to be cheeky!

Get well quick Sayre, we have all missed you!

the planet of janet said...

hope you're feeling more chipper soon.

i love your scarf! it is beautiful.

Molly said...

I hope that your recovery is speedy. The dresses are very nice. There is probably room in the closet for a few things of sentimental value. Your scarf/shrug reminds me that I have a lovely scarf that a dear friend sent from Scotland some forty years ago. I will have to get it out to wear this winter.

daddy d said...

The balance between keeping and not keeping is one to be thought out over and over again. Take care.

grace said...

The scarf looks beautiful!! good for you for cleaning your closet

Anonymous said...

Love the little black dress.

storyteller said...

The little black dress sounds lovely (and filled with wonderful memories) and I love the fact that the pretty blue dress still has tags and may have passed through 3 generations already ;--)

Hope you’re feeling better soon.
Hugs and blessings,