Friday, August 22, 2008

Consider the torch passed...

When I was a little girl, my daddy worked for a local radio station. He was a jack of all trades, which included writing and performing commercials.

One of his clients was Heidi's Bakery, a lovely shop of birthday cakes and various other sweet treats. In trying to get across the concept of sweetness and goodness, he hit upon the idea of having me, then aged three, talk about how much I loved the cakes from Heidi's.

He sat me down on his knee with a microphone nearby and began asking me questions about cakes and Heidi's and celebrations - anything he could think of to make me say the words he needed for his commercial.

Yesterday, history sort of repeated itself.

My brother Matt is also in the radio biz and he called to see if he could borrow ZBoy's voice for an IGA (grocery store) commercial. I said sure, and yesterday afternoon he came over to tape the commercial.

I'm so sorry I missed this - I was at work trying to take care of loose ends before the Fay arrived to blow us off the satellite. However, this morning, I discovered the "work tape" on my computer and listened as Matt talked ZBoy through it.

The recording started with a little bit of an explanation to Z about what they were going to do, to which he responded, "Oh, yeah! I've seem my mom do this. It looks like fun!" Then Matt patiently led him through what he wanted Z to say and how to say it. A ham was born right then and there. Especially when Matt tried to get him to say "gorgonzola". It came out "gorgonzilla" over and over again. Lots of giggles in the background from Kylee who was visiting. He finally got it right.

If I can figure out how to upload it here, I will because it's pretty funny.

Matt send me a final version of the commercial and it's great. Reminds me of the good old days!


cinnkitty said...

Wow... at this point being in radio qualifies as a family hereditary trait I think! :)

SwampAngel65 said...

Oh that's terrific!! I hope you can figure out how to post it. I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd get a kick out of hearing it. Congrats to ZBoy! (BTW, did he get paid for his services????) hehehehe!

Anonymous said...

Your cousin, B., got to be in a Peanut Commission ad on TV at age 8. She was climbing a tree and said something stupid like, "Peanuts make me strong!" And she got paid.

HoosierGirl5 said...

That is cool. I used to do the in-store announcements for Ben Franklin: "Did you know we have over 300 types of ribbon for all your crafting needs? Check out aisle 7 for the wide variety we have in stock. And as always, thank you for shopping Ben Franklin." It was fun. I'm sure Z-boy was a natural.


Anonymous said...

Sayre: You didn't tell us!!

IamwhoIam said...

Missed you for FM - but sound like you may be busy.

Faye said...

What a sweet post, Sayre. I can just picture little Sayre sitting on Dad's knee talkin' cake. just for trivia's sake, can you remember your favorites? And gosh darn it! To be hit with gorgonzolla in your first commercial appearance--not fair!

Hope you all are riding out the Fay storm safely. Fay is like a house guest that stays too long--begins to smell after a night or so.

ablondeblogger said...

How fun! And how brave of Z. My son actually dropped out of boy scouts because he didn't want to have to go on the radio (one of the activities they had planned).