Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More fun for this week

Natural disasters aren't the only kind I've been having this week. Professional-type disasters abound as well.

1) The computer program that I use to do my JOB is housed on its very own special computer. Guess what died with Fay's power surges and dips. In spite of super generator and a dedicated UPS.

2) This means that I've had to do all of my work by hand and memory. Since I don't have any library lists printed out, no promo reels, no fillers... Argh! And of course there's my mad typing skilz which have complicated things.

3) As part of our continuing service to the public, PBS stations nationwide are airing the Democratic National Convention this week from 8pm to 11pm. Except this is a live event. Live events like this generally go long (add tv cameras and politicians and, well, you can guess how that goes). Automation likes real times. And if you're not watching out for it, Automation will cut you off and go to the next item on the list. Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton BOTH got cut off mid-speech. Argh!!!!!

4) My promotions editor just got back from doing the Olympics in China and is trying to catch up. Our entire children's lineup changes on September 1 (a holiday), and I was going to give him the new promotional stuff for the change on Monday - but was stymied by the dead computer which had all the information in it. I got the computer back today and discovered that I am missing a huge reel of children's promos that I was going to pull from for editing. Ack, ack, ack!!!

What follows are two emails I sent out to my sister stations with a plea for help. Thank god for email - and good people out there in traffic-land.

Notes and post-its and printed out reminders – and I still forgot to put it on the record schedule!!!! Unbelievable.

Looking for: KIDS PROMO REEL (KIRP000)
TRT 2:16:43
Fed Wednesday 7/16 @ 1200 AND Saturday 7/19 @ 1500

Can someone please bail me out of this mess? I think the kiddos will get tired of seeing the two promos I’ll have to air after September 1st….

I can only take DVCPro for this one. And shipping is on me. Please let me know ASAP!

Thank you!


Bless CA at W*** for coming to my rescue! He’s not getting my first born (probably wouldn’t want him anyway), but at least I could provide a few laughs with my stories of just how much this week has sucked. We can start with Fay, fallen trees, lack of power, a dead protrack computer and automation cutting off Michelle and Hillary mid-speech (yay! Angry viewer calls!). As you can tell, my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek – except for the extreme gratefulness to CA for bailing me out of yet another mess.

Thanks CA!!!!


Who says the paperwork end of television can't be exciting????


karisma said...

I often wonder how on earth people will cope if we end up with no electricity! Imagine how slow everything would be! The way the world seems to be suffering from so many natural disasters lately its a bit of a worry!

SwampAngel65 said...

I always think I'm not so dependant on my computer until it crashes and I find out the hard way...when it happens at work, I am screwed. I have been trying to go paperless and keep as much as I can on the computer, which is good until it all goes to hell!

Thankfully you found help and I hope everything else gets straightened out soon.

nikki said...

Wow, what a week! Thankfully it looks like Gustav is going to miss you guys! (But the poor Gulf!)

cinnkitty said...

I'll trade ya!
I'll deal with your dead computer and missing promos if you deal with my itchy skin and mutant lips. :) Deal?? heh..heh..heh..