Monday, May 04, 2009

Fun Monday - Kids...These days.

Is it Monday already???

Yes, yes it is! Which means this must also be FUN MONDAY! This week, it's being hosted by one of my most fun blogger friends, Karisma. When she volunteered, I knew we'd be in for some reading that would make us smile. Her challenge:

We all know our kids and pets are often a great source of amusement to us at the best of times. I want to hear a funny, silly or just downright cute story about your pets or your children. Have they ever done anything to totally embarrass you in public? Have they done something you thought was outrageous at the time, only to laugh at it later? Have they outwitted you in some devious way, only the way a kid can? Come on, out with it! Lets hear the juicy gossip!


Long-time readers here (and even short ones can't avoid it) know that I have a son. He just turned 10 this past week. He is the light of my life, my reason for being - but.... he's just not that funny. In fact, I think we're entering into a rather difficult phase now. Used to be that kids waited until they were 13 or so before they got to this place, but you know, I've heard that children mature faster these days. Not just physically. They seem to be hitting all those emotional milestones much earlier too.


So at a time when he still needs supervision for a walk around the block and builds Lego stuff, he's also starting with the talking back, arguing for any reason and resisting anything that might be construed as fun. He just wants to play on the computer and go shopping so he can spend whatever money comes his way.


Little patches of my sunny, happy boy shine through though... Every morning he comes bounding down the stairs and enthusiastically says "Good MORNING!" to whomever he sees first (usually me). This is followed by a quick hug and a quest for breakfast. We talk about stuff on the way to school, and when he gets out, I get another hug and a "Have a great day!" He's glad to be picked up after school, happy for a snack - but when we get home, things start going downhill, beginning with homework. Then arguing about, or moaning about having to go play baseball (thank goodness the season is almost over - I'm never doing THAT again). Or groaning at the thought of a bike ride or walking the dogs. He has a wonderful time once he's out there doing it, but blasting him out of the house is getting harder and harder on us. At some point, it results in tears on somebody's part.


So you see, Karisma, unwittingly you have set before me a much more difficult task than I had anticipated when I signed up. Because things just aren't all that funny right now and when I search my mind for funny stuff, I come up with "God dammit, Grandma" and little else.

Fortunately, the "Grandma" story is classic - so I'll leave you with that.

DS Knot

To read about OTHER people's funny kids, go visit Karisma!


Janis said...

Oh boy, sounds like the video game syndrome. Kids today just don't play like they used to. On the other hand, Zboy sounds like a loving boy, just cherish all his hugs and hope he continues to do it. He is at the tween age and that is a very difficult time for him.

Alta said...

Oh yes - that stage! I still some sillyness in him. I mean really - look at that last picture! That must be the classic position for all boys that age. I find mine in that position too!

margaret (the misanthrope) said...

I was a JOY to live with as a teen. Just ask my mom. Who can currently be found at the hairdresser's, covering up all those gray hairs I gave her ;-)

Unlike most of the girls my age, I didn't get all mouthy and/or boy-crazy. I just stopped speaking and holed up in my room for a few years :-)

These days, I am still a hermit, but I like to think that I turned out pretty good. And I have apologized to my mom. Regularly. Thanks for the story, and happy FM to you!

TROLL Y2K said...

That IS classic. I'm finally up with a Fun Monday Meme post!

Faye said...

How long does it take for a parent to realize they're living with a parrot?? What a great story. Wonder if even this would make your boy smile at his current age. I guess the saving grace is that, despite himself, he lets you know that he still doesn't mind "living" with you! This too shall pass?

Pamela said...

the human pretzel in that last shot.

Karmyn R said...

"Goddammit Grandma" gave me a good giggle.

I'm sure there are still some funnies to come from him!

Tiggerlane said...

It's just a phase, and will surely pass!

Of course, I LOVED the Grandma story! LOL!

The Church Lady said...

ROFL - I got a good chuckle out the "God Dammit" post. I too have a 10 year old. She is moody as all get out. Must be the age.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I have laughed over the Grandma story until my sides hurt!

karisma said...

(((Sayre)))) I think you could of gotten away with just the pictures, they are fantastic! What do you mean he's not funny! He always manages to give us a laugh. Mind you, my Zak is taking that last picture seriously (as he does), he wants to know how he did that! Im sure today sometime we will all find out how when he gives it his utmost attention to work it out.

We all had a laugh at the Grandma story too! I just love what comes out of 2 year olds mouths. Thanx for joining in.

Liane Michel said...

Just wait until he's 16 and thinks he knows more than you.

Bobbie Leigh said...

That is one bendy boy! Great pictures!

MommyWizdom said...

You are so right. My cousin's daughter is eight and she's already moody and withdrawn. I thought that didn't happen at least until they were 12!

Anyway, your son is still in there; you just need to find a way to coax him out!

Good luck - I have a few years yet before I have to deal with this... mine are still small! It's a good and bad thing.

Have a great week,


Gattina said...

Even if it is hard for your nerves, be happy that your boy is a healthy normal one! That's completely normal that at 10 he has his own will and the arguing is just to see how far he can go with you. This is the best time to show til where he is allowed to go and the limits he has. A try to win is part of the sport. I remember well this period and unfortunately it will get worse with 13 stops usually at around 18, and is the worst time for a mother, lol ! But I survived and have now a wonderful man as a son I can really be proud of him. Today he is thankful that he had limits and I remember I was on my knees ! Arguing and fighting every day uses you, but you will get your recompense !

Peter said...

Well Sayre at least you have the mornings.... and the memories of God dammit Grandma.

grace said...

I actually enjoyed reading about Zboy now and other times, gives me something to look forward to/ great post

nikki said...

13 is way worse. Trust me. At least he's a cutie.

margaret said...

Hello! Just checking in to say Happy Mothers Day my friend!

Anonymous said...

Ohmygoodness he's still so totally adorable, though!!!

He's a born thespian, really, you know!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

"Anonymous" is me.

(stinkin' butterfingers....)

movin down the road said...

HA HA! The last one is priceless!!