Sunday, August 09, 2009

Fun Monday - How does your garden grow?

Karmyn is hosting this week and this is what she's wondering:

WHAT'S GROWING IN YOUR GARDEN? (or yard, or patio pot).

About a month ago, we had a Fun Monday that was about what you do outside for fun. At that point, my gardening plans had been altered by the revival of the swimming pool - but I adapted.

I started a container garden on the back deck - so I thought for THIS Fun Monday, I'd update you on how that's going...

I started them all from seeds. Except for one mishap with the tomatoes where they got knocked over in their starter cups, the cucumbers, squash and tomatoes got off to a roaring start. Once I thought they were big enough, I transferred them to large containers.

I kept them on the covered part of the deck since our daily downpours would drown everything in a matter of a couple of days. I religiously turned the pots and checked for moistness - but they didn't seem to be growing quite the way I thought they should.

Thinking that they weren't getting enough direct sunlight, I moved them to the lower level, which was still mostly covered but had greater sun exposure. They lived on the wooden counter that was used for grilling and setting things out.

They LOVED the sun! But they did get a little bit of the runoff from the roof too, getting too wet. I moved them back a bit and they took off!

My cucumber plants... Notice that I actually have a couple of little blossoms on them! Something seems to be munching on the leaves, though. Haven't found the culprit yet.

Both tomato plants are in the same pot. One of them was decimated by a little caterpillar, but once we removed it, it came back pretty strong.

This one, the caterpillar didn't touch, for some reason. It does occur to me now that I need to stake these babies up as they're starting to lay over now.

And here are my squash. One day I had a container full of vigorous, healthy plants and the next day it looked like this. We found a very dead - probably from overeating - caterpillar lying against the side wall. He was pretty big.

So the cukes are doing pretty well, the tomatoes need to be staked, and the squash is no longer with us.

The front bed looks pretty much the same - except the little knockout rose has gone to town with blooms! Not bad for something I figured I'd pruned into submission until next year!

Go see how everyone else's garden grows - visit Karmyn for the list of participants! And I'm sure she'd love a volunteer to host next week...


Faye said...

I've tried growing vegetables in containers before with great success. Especially herbs, lettuces, and green onions. Do like planting and tending containers--not so much effort and more control. I'm noticing how well the knockout roses do around here. The gift that keeps on giving!

BTW, enjoyed your previous post about the mini vacation in Atlanta. On March southern walk we were in the area of the aquarium--didn't have time to go in--wish had made the time. Went through the Coke store and bought too much Coke junk.

karisma said...

Very nice! And you have me jealous now. I can't wait for spring to start planting again. I am so missing my abundant garden right now.

We also tried growing some vegies in pots last year and had no luck. For some reason the potted plants never lasted. Ive found with pumpkin, squash or other viney plants they took off better if planted in clumps. Not sure why but I plan to rotate them all this year and see what happens.

Pamela said...

I bought tomato plants this year and they were mislabeled. I've just got roma -- and no big fat guys for slicing for sandwiches. So mad.

My lettuce was BITTER -- so I just mowed it down.

Hootin' Anni said...

Stop!!! You have a pool? Hey...who needs a garden when you have a pool instead. At least that's my opinion.

Personally, I'd adapt by BUYing the homegrown veggies at a roadside stand.

Great post this morning..., what's growing in my yard is totally colorless. LOL

Happy F M

margaret said...

Hats Off to you, my friend. Fabulous plants! Wish I could do that ;-)

Janis said...

I have never tried container gardenening of vegetables. At least you can keep them up high away from the rabbits and other varmints that love to feast on them. I have to put a fence around my vegetable garden because of them. Your plants are looking good, hope you get a good crop. Thanks for sharing Sayre and happy FM

The Church Lady said...

God love you for trying. Darn caterpillars! A little tender loving care and they will take off in no time! I gave up growing vegetables. Thank goodness there is a road side stand right down the street!

Karmyn R said...

Oh bad bad caterpillars! They sure can do damage when the plants are little.

We had something eat the root of one of our cantaloupe this year - the poor vine just shriveled up. My husband dug it up and the roots were almost completely gone.... hard to get rid of what you can't see!

Gattina said...

Wow, you do pretty much in your garden !

Molly said...

I am joining Fun Monday late this week. You certainly have worked to keep your plants growing.

this new place said...

I have some dead flowers out front in two pots, in front of my condo. it would help if I just watered them, ya know? I don't dare take photos!

Lil Mouse said...

hosting monday!