Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun Monday - And the Award goes to....

I'm hosting Fun Monday this week! This is what I want to know from you:


I want you to think about the movies that you OWN. Not movies you've seen, but the ones you felt strongly enough to go out and buy. You will be your very own awards committee, awarding your movies an Oscar in the following categories:

BEST GROUP (Some movies come out with several parts or sequels. Most everyone's got at least one set of something on their shelves - why that one?)

You can include your nominations if you wish, but I'd also like to know why you think your winner in each category deserves to win.

I thought this would be fun! I own (usually bought used) quite a few movies - very diverse in character. And the other day, as I sat down to watch 5 movies (it was a very lazy day), I wondered why I picked the ones I did - which is what gave birth to this idea. So without further ado.... the envelopes, please!



I'm sure there would be people who would argue with me about this, but I think this is a very thoughtful, funny, and well-done movie. Yes, there's bad language. Lots of it. But the ideas behind the whole story are worth exploring. Damen and Affleck put together a very entertaining and thought-provoking movie which I have seen over and over and will continue to see over and over.


TOM HANKS as Forrest Gump

Not many people would argue with me on this one. Over the years, Tom Hanks has developed into one of those actors that can do almost anything. One of my big criteria in choosing good actors and actresses is that you forget you're watching whoever it is on the screen. They become the character. Forrest Gump told me that Tom Hanks was one of those!


KATHLEEN TURNER in Peggy Sue Got Married

It's hard to forget that you're watching Kathleen Turner on the screen. Maybe it's her voice. But this movie did make me forget - and even though Ms. Turner had to be in her late 30s or early 40s when she did this, I totally believed that she was a high school teeny-bopper when she was sent back in time. I also believed her as a harried, about-to-be-divorced, middle aged woman who'd had enough. To get both in the same film? Priceless.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR - the envelope, please!

ALAN RICKMAN in Galaxy Quest

Oh, how I love Alan Rickman! I came close to naming him to this same award in Dogma where he played the Voice of God. But I'm also a sucker for a good spoof movie, and being a huge Star Trek and Star Wars fan, I'd have to say that Galaxy Quest is one of the best. And so is Alan Rickman. He does a marvelous put-upon alien science officer!



How can you not love Jennifer? She's big and awkward and has a heart of gold. She reminds me of me and any number of women I know - especially the ones who are afraid to go after what they really want or can't even figure out exactly what it is that they do want. Even though this character was slightly over the top, she was also absolutely believable.



I had a hard time with this one. I love animated films. I just bought UP for my boy this past Christmas and I think it might be one of the best ever, but I still love me some Shrek. Another movie about misfits making it work - my favorite kind of flick. I loved the first one and the second one (Antonio Banderas as a cat? Meee-owww!), but the third one wasn't nearly as good.



Yes. The music is old. Like me. But it makes this movie resonate with me on many levels. Classic Aretha Franklin. Smokey Robinson. A soundtrack to set your life to. I love it.

BEST MOVIE GROUP (Original and sequels)


Are you kidding? In my house, Star Wars rules! George Lucas is an absolutely genius storyteller, weaving in mythology and Christian motifs into a story that is absolutely stunning. Yeah... he can get a little long-winded and sometimes the action slows, but from cutting-edge technology to costumes, every single one of these films has a lot to offer.

And there you have it... the Oscars, straight from my video shelf!

Now go visit the other participants in Fun Monday and see who their winners are!

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Sandy said...

Great choices! and none of them mine, although I did almost choose Shrek. My daughter and I just want Fiona's dress...fits when you're fat and when you're not.

Mariposa said...

Star Wars rock! LOL

I skipped Best Original Score, my choice would have been The Love Story, an old movie. LOL

I'm finally UP...and I really enjoyed this week's theme!

Gattina said...

It looks as if you are a movie freak, lol ! I not at all, I never heard about "Dogma" but I think I have seen Forrest Gump. From actors I only know the very famous once. I know Kathleen Turner but I never saw Peggy Sue Got Married.
I don't even have a favourite actor except Julia Roberts.

The Church Lady said...

I did not see Dogma. Hmm, I will have to put that on my list of "movies to watch". Loved loved Shrek and I agree with you on Tom Hanks. There is no other person who could have played the part of Forrest any better. And Big Chill is an all time classic. I think I have the soundtrack somewhere.

Thanks for hosting Sayre!

Janis said...

I will have to get Dogma...I don't think we have seen it..(can never remember). Tom Hanks is a very versatile actor..although I like him best in comedies. Loved Loved the Big Chill...especially the sound track..since my hubs n I are oldies but goodies...we really related to this movie. Thanks for hosting this week Sayre...Happy FM

Lil Mouse said...

I just got my post up. For some reason, even though it was scheduled to post at 6 this morning, it didnt.

Debs said...

My list is up. I love Forrest Gump. I quote that movie all day long. LOL

min said...

Alan Rickman so deserves that award!! I loved Dogma...all except the part about the Poop Monster.
Good choices..all of them.

Faye said...

What a great topic this week, Sayre. I've just read everyone's posts and feel like I know them so much better. Kind of like going through their bookshelves. As for your award getters, I haven't seen any of them--even Forrest Gump! I think that's un-American? I do also love Alan Rickman, worried face and all.

Pamela said...

when I saw "Peggy Sue got married" .. I didn't get it.

Maybe I should watch it again. I think I was distracted by N. Cages bad acting?