Sunday, January 09, 2011

Fun Monday - Unfinished Business

January's host is Ari!

Topic for 1/10/11: From the mundane to the emotional, from paneling the basement walls to patching it up with the brother in Virginia you haven't spoken to since you voted for Carter and he didn't, unfinished business is something left undone or incomplete. It even can haunt you. What's your unfinished business?

I have LOTS of unfinished business -most of it around the house.

Before Thanksgiving, I took the curtains down to wash them and never got them back up. After the guys got tired of sitting in front of the bright door trying to see their video games, they hung up the dog quilt I bought for Revan. Yep -it's still there.

One day, I'm going to redo these cabinets and change out the hardware. One of the knobs fell off so I put one of the new ones on - Looks good, huh? Except that's the only one I've actually put on. The cabinets are still waiting.

Still standing in my livingroom. It's skinny and doesn't intrude - I may leave it up for a while. I like it!

We took the carpet off the stairs. I still haven't fixed the stairs OR painted the bit of the wall the carpet covered, or put the handrail back up (which may have contributed to the fall I had a couple of months ago).

I painted the hallway and stairway a while ago. But the ceiling of the stairway stays at the same level as the upstairs hallway ceiling, making it two stories high at the bottom of the stairs. I couldn't reach to finish. I did finally get what I needed (a really long stick) to finish, but I haven't done it yet. I also want to change out that light fixture - it been burned out for two years and I haven't changed the lightbulbs or the fixture yet.

Speaking of the hallway and missing carpet, I started putting the new flooring in when I discovered that the final course of planking was two inches too wide. I got a table saw so I could make the cuts straight and even without worrying about dropping the saw on my foot - but I couldn't figure out how to put it all together. Ray (the guy I bought if from) found his instruction manual, which included assembly directions, so now I can finish putting it together and finish my floor!

We moved into this house a little over three years ago. The first thing I had to do was replace the toilet in the upstairs hall bathroom. Knowing that I would eventually redo that bathroom, I pulled the wall paper off and primed the drywall behind the toilet. The toilet got put in and all the other bathrooms got renovated, but this one is still left to be done.

Well, they were mostly renovated. The way this door opened was pretty stupid, so we took it off the hinges and leaned it against the wall until the time we could shift it to open out into the room instead of into the tiny bathroom. It's still there. When my husband wants to steam his head, he leans the door against the doorframe and when he's done, he leans it back against the wall.

All of those projects will get finished. I'm making a list of all the things I need to finish in my house. I can check those off fairly quickly... but there's one project that's long term. I won't be checking this one off anytime soon.


Faye said...

Oh lordy! It's a good thing that you enjoy a good DIY project! And still working full-time. I know you get tremendous satisfaction out of doing the work and having it turn out well. I used to be a lot more energetic about DIY than now--especially outside.

As for your most important unfinished business, that project is never done, right?

gayle said...

Oh Lord wish you lived near by husband could help you with all your unfinished stuff and then you could help him with ours! He's got tons of unfinished things to do!

Sandy said...

I like your last project the best! Of course, it is the hardest, too, but oh, so much fun (sometimes).

Jill said...

We could so trade projects. I guess your last one is your best, though. I won't trade ya for that. You'd miss him too much!

Molly said...

Great ending to your post. Actually, this is a lifetime commitment I have found out as my sons approach their 37th and 40th birthdays.

In your comment you mentioned a farm in Wales. Your family has a farm In Wales? I am scheduled to visit Wales next summer.

ari_1965 said...

That's a tiny doorway to have a door swinging the other way. What were they thinking?

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The Church Lady said...

Seems like there is always unfinished business when you are a home owner! I have my projects cut out for me too! They are never ending. And then, when one gets checked off, another one pops up!

karisma said...

I think my love you will never stop renovating something! Its in your blood! One day when you are done at your place, you will have to come and fix my place up! I will feed you and massage your feet! LOL

I am having a major giggle at the superman sheet on the window. Why? Because poor Zak had Thomas the tank engine curtains when he was little. I kid you not, we bought new blinds when he was like 7 and his father STILL has not put them up. Zak ripped the curtains down ages ago and has no coverings on his window at all! Shameful! LOL

Keeping in mind my kids DO play musical beds, lounges, rooms! And he really does not mind looking at the stars and will sleep in the bed next to the window just so he can see them. He does however draw the line at the neighbours xmas lights. He hates them! LOL

Pamela said...

you make me feel in wonderful company.