Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fun Monday - Dinner Party

The Georgia Girls are very entertaining ladies - and this week, they want US to entertain five people at a fantasy dinner party. 

I've been thinking about this.  I'm not interested in people just because they're famous.  I want to talk to people who have/had lives.  Who lived them to the fullest, pursuing their dreams to various degrees of success.  These are not perfect people (perfection can be so boring!), but they are interesting and I'd love to hear what they have to say.

The menu for my dinner?  Grilled hamburgers, chicken, corn on the cob, baked beans and beer.  I want them relaxed and not worrying about table manners or china or getting their faces dirty.

The first two might surprise you.  I am not fond of politicians or things political, but I do care about what's gong on in the world today and though I voted for Obama, I'm not entirely sure he will be able to deal with current affairs.  Wouldn't it be nice if he could sit down and talk to these two men?

The country Obama inherited is much like the one FDR was dealing with.  I'm sure he had his detractors, but it was his vision and action that made this country turn around and become truly great.  And speaking of detractors I'm not sure any president has ever had more than Bill Clinton.  Say what you will about the man's personal life, his time in office saw the elimination of the national debt.  A truly amazing feat.  I'm sure both of these men would have a few thoughts to share on how to dig this country out of the mess it's in.

The next three shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone who knows me:  they're all authors.

Stephen King has always been my first love when it comes to authors.  (Dean Koontz runs a close second).  I was fortunate enough to see him speak a few years ago.  It was after the accident that nearly killed him and as always, he impressed me with his ability to bounce back.  His books often reflect the state of the world, couched in horror, which is the mirror King hold up for us.  I still believe The Stand is his masterpiece and a warning.  We must be very careful not to think we are above making mistakes.

Nevada Barr is also an author.  A former National Park employee, her mysteries are set in the national park system and though her stories deal often with the wilderness and its denizens, Man is the most fearsome creature in her books.  I often feel I've been to these places after reading about them, her writing is that vivid.  I often think that Robert Redford missed the mark when he decided to do his mystery series using Tony Hillerman's stories (they're good though).  Nevada Barr's seem like they'd be much more up his alley.

And finally, JK Rowling.  She just interests me.   How a story could spring fully-formed from her mind in such detail, of characters and place - it blows my mind.  I too have stories that do that, but I can't seem to get them down.  She managed it.  Humble beginnings and all that - she wrote to feed herself and her daughter.  I think she is amazing.  Because of her, the world loves a little boy with glasses and an unusual scar named Harry.

Can you imagine the conversation around the picnic table?  Between the two politicians and the three authors, so much could be said!  So much solved.  I might even invite Obama so that he could maybe learn something.

Now go visit the Georgia Girls and see what kind of dinner parties the other participants are putting together!


Jan n Jer said...

That would be a very interesting dinner party...the menu is right up my alley!!!

Georgia Girls said...

I love casual dinners as well. I'm more interested in the people around the table, than the food on it.

My Hub read a book The Seven Miracles that saved America. There has been a lot more divine intervention in keeping us free than we give credit for. After reading about Theodore Roosevelt, I was blown away with all the attributes one person could possess. I would like to see how he would be as President today.

I would love to talk to authors about their creation of characters and stories. J. K. Rowling was definitely inspired in a way to provide for herself.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Great list! You could also ask Bill to bring his sax and play a little dinner music. :)

Molly said...

This would be a great dinner party with lively conversation. FDR certainly did lead this country in the right direction. Not only, did he deal with the economic crisis, but he was drawn into military conflict too. With our problems today, Obama might have something to learn from FDR. Fortunately, Bill Clinton is still around to give advice if needed.

Roger said...

I love your choices of food, and am salivating as I type this. Okay, just popped some chocolate in, I'll be okay. Not really a fan of your presidential choices, as presidents, but as people I do find both of their stories to be interesting.

Stephen King is probably one of, if not, my favorite authors of all time, I just don't think I'd want him over for dinner - he'd scare the kids.

Nevada Barr is an interesting read, at least I think I have read a novel, or two, of hers. Of course, it might have been Hillerman. Too many books I guess.

Ms. Rowling would be a whole lot of fun to hang out with, can you imagine living inside her head? At least the worlds in her head.

Love your food and company, can I come over?

grace said...

I tried to read a Stephen King novel and got so scared, I never even reached halfway. I think that would be an interesting dinner. I think President Clinton would be a very interesting guest.

Dad said...

Clinton managed to eliminate the deficit, not the national debt. In any case a pretty great achievement.

Sandcastle Momma said...

That would be an interesting party and I love the casual idea.
I've always said that if I could have dinner with one person it would be Stephen King. What a mind that man has!

кєяo said...

Wow, great guests. I haven't read any of Nevada Bar's books. But since she is a mystery writer I think I must look for her books. I love mysteries!
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