Sunday, August 14, 2011


It's been a long, hot summer.  Lots of days over 100 degrees.  Lots of days with humidity that makes you feel like you could drink the air.  Lots of days of teasing cloud build-up with nothing to show for it but lots of tantalizing rumbling. 

There have been a few actual rains, but not nearly enough.  Luckily, I firmly believe in letting my grass grow and when I cut it, I do so on the highest setting.  Unlike my neighbors, I haven't had to water my lawn but once this summer and it still looks nice and green.  The guy next door mows his to the height of a putting green and could probably retire on the amount of money he spends on his water bill in a month.

Even though this past week hasn't been the worst in terms of heat, I think the wearing down aspect of so much heat finally got to me.  The final straw seems to have been the garage sale my friend Suzanne had yesterday. 

I loaded up my car the night before and arrived a little after 6am.  Stepping out of my car with its pleasant fan blowing cooled air in my always-hot face was like being slapped with a hot towel.  Suzanne and her folks were already at it, so I set up my stuff, parked my car and people started trickling in right at 7am. 

The heat only got worse.  By 9:30am, we were taking turns sitting under the fan on her front porch and drinking tall glasses of ice water.  The sun beat down on the driveway full of stuff for sale and only the hardiest of garage sale fanatics braved the heat and humidity looking for deals.  None of us fared as well as we'd hoped in making some money, but it wasn't because we didn't have the goods.  Mother Nature was working against us.

I reloaded my car and rather than unload it at home, I went in the house and sat in the AC in front of a fan and drank lots more ice water.  Finally, when I could move again, I got in the pool - only to have to get out again almost immediately because of lightning in the area.  No rain, just lots of lightning and thunder.  I didn't get to cool my core, but I did cool off the surface at least.

Sunday has been unproductive.  I got up and got to church, but ever since I got home, I've felt spectacularly lazy.  A movie and some crochet.  Darling Man made dinner (terriyaki redfish, brown rice and broccoli) and I wrote this.  The sum of my Sunday.  Recovering from Saturday.

Really though, isn't that what Sunday is for?


Sandy said...

It is indeed a day of rest! I know what you mean about the weather. We have had 2.1 inches so far this year. First we griped about the unrelenting heat and, now that we finally have moisture in the air (and that's where it stays!), we gripe about the humidity! I am sweaty, crabby, and definitely ready for fall.

Oh wait, did I mention that I am SO thankful that I have an indoor job? I am!!!!

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Oh, I couldn't imagine that with my hot flashes. YUCK.

BTW - the garage sale, I can't believe it wasn't more successful than that? Was it an off weekend?

Anyway, unproductive sundays are the best, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Yes it is a day of rest. Especially after your very busy Saturday.


Faye said...

All of a sudden you just hit a wall, sometimes not even realizing that you're tired, stressed--and HOT. It's good to take a day like you did today and just BE. Come on fall!

Sayre said...

It was the heat, Michelle. Living where you do, I'm not sure you can even imagine what the heat is like down here. Combined with full sun and high humidity, it shuts down even the natives.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

After a full week of above 100 temps (we set a record with 114) and of course the heat index pushing 120....I was ready for winter! (and I hate the cold, ha..ha..)

Let's face it, you can only take so much off, but you can always put more on. Who wants to move to Montana with me? :)