Monday, September 12, 2011

Fun Monday - I am my own shadow...
I sometimes joke to my boss that I need to follow myself around so I can write down what I do everyday (and perhaps change my job description in the hopes of more money).  I never seem to get around to it though - I'm too busy!

So I thought maybe I'd follow myself around some last week - but it wasn't really a typical week.  My husband was working odd hours and I was running after the boy myself.  Too crazy to have time to write down. 

Maybe this past weekend.  Saturday you'd have been bored.  My neck started hurting, then my upper back and I wound up spending the whole day in bed on a heating pad gulping ibuprophen and wondering what the heck I'd done to myself. 

Sunday would have been a good day, I think.  But it wasn't exactly typical either.  My husband went to church with me and the Boy.  Not the usual.  We had the first Sunday breakfast of the fall, which was awesome and a wonderful, moving service that also commemorated the September 11th Anniversary.  I went home, ready to mow the lawn and catch up on everything I didn't do on Saturday...  then I didn't do any of those things.  In fact, I can't remember much of what I did.  We did watch "Spaceballs" together as a family before falling asleep.

So maybe today.  It's Monday, beginning of a new week, right?  It still wasn't typical, but it looks like I'm not going to HAVE a typical day anytime soon - if I ever do, actually.

My alarm was set for 5:30am.  I woke up at 5am and dozed until 5:25, at which point I turned off the alarm and got up.  Went downstairs to make a pot of tea and feed the cats.  Only one was in (Yoda) and when I opened the front door, Tottie and Misha came in - but no French.  This isn't unusual.  French has his own timetable and will show up when he's good and ready. 

At 5:45, I started trying to wake up my son.  This is not an easy task on any given day.  He likes to stay up later than he should, and even when he goes to sleep at a reasonable time, he loves sleeping so much that he doesn't want to wake up.  I have, in the past, poured water on his head, which worked wonderfully but made an awful mess.  He eventually comes to and I have his clothes out and ready for him to get into.  He comes downstairs and curls up on the couch.

On a normal day, I'd be trying to feed him, get him to feed dogs and get myself ready for work all at the same time - to be out the door by 6:50 (his bus is supposed to be at 7am but usually shows up at 7:10 - still, the one day I decide we can be a little late will be the day it actually DOES show up at 7).  But as usual, this is not a normal day.  I have an appointment later in the morning, so all I have to do it put on something decent to take him to the bus.  So I make him some ramen eggs, take Abby out.  He feeds the dogs.  Then I get to hound him about getting his shoes on, where is his belt, is there anything I need to sign for school?  Once that's accomplished, we leave and drive to the bus stop, arriving right at 7am.

Of course the bus is not there.  It's still pretty dark and the moon is gorgeous.  I try to take a picture of it but can't make it work.  Plus the woman in the car facing me isn't happy that I keep forgetting to turn off the flash.  Z takes a few stabs at it, but he also gets mostly blurry balls of light with no definition at all.  That 10 minutes before the bus arrives is very nice.  We chat about nothing much and leave each other in a happier frame of mind than when we got into the car.

Usually, I would then head to work, but today, I head back home to check in with work on the internet, shower, and put on makeup (very unusual).  While I'm in the shower, I hear a muffled thud downstairs.  I wonder for a second - but the dogs aren't barking and the smell of french toast wafts up the stairway and into the shower with me.  Burglars don't usually make your house smell like that.  Darling Man must have come home.  A few minutes later, I confirm that he is, indeed, the noise downstairs and find him making himself some breakfast.  We chat a moment before he leaves to take the dogs for a bike ride and I finish getting dressed.

At 10:30am, I pull into the parking lot at the church.  I am here to interview the Day School Director about the silent auction we're having on November 4th.  A little more than a week ago, I was pulled aside by the senior warden and asked if I would write some newpaper articles on stuff the church is doing.  It's not my usual way of writing, but I agreed to give it a try.  The Silent Auction will be my first piece.  It's a quick interview - set up more because it's easier to talk face to face in a quiet office than over breakfast or in the milling about after Sunday services.  After 15 minutes, we're done, I have my information and am on my way to work.

Since it's almost 11, I stop at Publix and grab a sushi roll and diet sweet tea for lunch.  And a chocolate parfait.  Sinfully good and possibly the cause of my afternoon headache, but worth every bite.  I eat at my desk once I arrive and check emails at the same time.  A program ran long last night (Great Performances had a live concert for New York that ran over by nearly 10 minutes - messing up the schedules all over the place).  Fortunately, I haven't heard of any complaints, so I guess it was handled well on our end.  Phew.  Dealing with irate viewers is not something I particularly enjoy.

I get to work on program logs.  This is a somewhat involved process.  I have a little help but she's not here on Mondays.  I have to fill in the breaks and create the pledge timings for this week's programs.  And schedule programs to be recorded.  and make sure Secondary Audio Program information is on every single show since we have a radio backup signal (which was news to me last week) that relies on each program having the right info in the right place - something I discovered last week almost NEVER happens on our Create channel and for several of the children's shows...  So I have to check every single show to see if the info is correct or not.  Then there's the program changes.  None for us on a local level (yet - pledge is kind of crazy that way), but PBS sent out two of them just before 5pm.  I will wait to do anything with them as they're for October though.  Lots of printing and exporting later, I'm about done.  I'll be having dinner with my friend Alison tonight so will go straight to the restaurant to meet her rather than going home first.

I imagine that once dinner is done, I'll go home, check Z's backpack, fold some laundry, crochet a little and crawl into bed at a hopefully reasonable time.

And tomorrow, I'll do a lot of that stuff again!

The players this week:
And anyone else who cares to sign up in the comments!!!


Pamela said...

oh ! You actually went ahead. I really should have investigated this further. But my day is OH SO boring.

karisma said...

Your days are always so full. I have actually managed to slow mine down a bit these days. But only because of all the travel and recovery. LOL. I am glad to see you squeeze in some crochet time! :-)

I am playing..

Here is my link

Thanks lovely! hugs xoxoxox

Sandy said...

I am currently sitting here feeling guilty for not playing but seriously? I sleep and work (and I can't talk about work) and feed the dogs.

That's it. Sorry, Sayre.

chrisb said...

I rather enjoyed your day and I did get mine posted yesterday.

joanygee said...

What a busy schedule! Guess all youngsters of z-boy's age go thro' times of finding it hard wake/get up in the mornings. Have you thought of an ice pack instead of water? she says grinning....

Anonymous said...

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