Friday, November 04, 2011

Fist Bump Friday: Got through it!

Sometimes, just getting through the week is cause for celebration...  Even when it's a packed week of good stuff, there's also not-so-good stuff.


Had the granddaughter three times this week.  Not that that's bad in and of itself, but her school gets out earlier than my son's and I wind up having to take two hours of leave time every time I have to pick her up from school.  In the course of these three weeks, I will have pretty much wiped out any vacation time I had.  Darling Man hasn't been able to help out here as he's been working nights for someone else and next week isn't going to be any better in that respect.

Technical difficulties...  PBS's satellite system had unexplained problems with the two main transponders.  Since a lot of stations (ours included) broadcast most of their daytime programming straight from the network, there was some major scrambling happening both at a national and at a station level.  Our hurricane preparedness plan paid off however, and we had programming available to air until PBS had a plan implemented.  The rest of the week was dealing with refeeds of programs that got bumped because of the shifting transponders.  I really hope I caught everything that got moved!

Tired.  Even though I normally sleep like the dead, I've been having some weird issue with my back that keeps waking me up.  It doesn't hurt, but it's uncomfortable.  Feels like a golf ball lodged in my spine.  Unless I'm sitting up straight without my back touching anything, I feel it.  Don't like it.  It might be very tight muscles, I might have lifted something wrong, I may have a bulging disc.  I don't know but may have to go get it checked out after Thanksgiving.

Good Stuff:

Sunday, my son was confirmed by the Bishop, my husband was received by the church and we had a wonderful feeling of really belonging to our church. 

Halloween was a blast!  The kids had fun and the Sno-Ball people were back to handing out free sno-balls to all the trick-or-treaters.   My boy LOVED the costume I slaved over.

We had a potluck dinner at church and used up some of the awesome beef and turkey stews we had at the Senior Luncheon the week before (I had the last of the beef stew and cornbread for lunch today!).  While we listened to Fr. R talk about confirmation in the Episcopal Church, the EYC kids were carrying on a very old tradition of playing hide and seek in the cemetery next door.  I remember doing that myself - and it was so much fun with the added element of dark and cemetery!

I got to spend some time working on my latest prayer shawl and hung out with my kid and husband watching "Big Bang Theory."  After much consideration and waffling, I've decided that I like that show.

Enjoyed a little irreverence at work.  There's a National Emergency Alert System Test next week (Nov. 9 at 2pm ET).  We missed the original feed of the PSA that tells about the test, so we had to download it from their website.  Darling Man was working on it.  Being raised in the 50s, he grew up with all kinds of dire warnings.  Last week, we aired a program called "World's Biggest Bomb" - a part of the "Secrets of the Dead" series.  So, as a joke, he edited together the very serious PSA about the test and footage from the show.  Talking head on screen says, "And remember - it's only a test" followed by nuclear explosion footage...  It doesn't sound at all funny in print, but everyone in the room doubled over laughing.  It was so implausible and the timing was so perfect and it was just so funny!  It belongs on the Big Daddy reel (where other irreverent spots live like the "Bloody T-Shirt Contest" that was made during the Ted Bundy trial.  Yes, TV people are sick that way.  Gallows humor, similar to hospital and law enforcement workers have, is a staple with us.   And laughter - even inappropriate laughter - makes the day so much easier.

And tonight I'm going to a silent auction and dinner at the church.  I'm going to meet my friend there and we're going to feast on Mexican food and check out some possible Christmas presents and just enjoy a night out under the stars!

I survived this week - and sometimes, that's quite an accomplishment!

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karisma said...

Well, it sounds like the good outweighed the not so good. That is always a bonus!

Jill said...

glad you had some high points this week!