Tuesday, March 06, 2012

He's feeling better

French is our oldest cat (about 7 years old).  He's used up a few of his lives.  Darling Man rescued him from a tree he got stuck in as a kitten.  I pulled him out of a swimming pool just as he was going under for the last time.  He's always preferred to be outside rather than comfy inside, which means he's had plenty of encounters with wild animals and other people's bossy pets vying for territory.

Sunday evening, French was unusually snuggly and wanting to stay inside and hang out on the couch.  He cried a little when I was stroking his back, which made me wonder if he was okay.  I started watching him and noticed that his back seemed a bit wonky, as if something had fallen on him or he'd been grabbed as he ran away from somebody.  He was acting so oddly for him that I decided to take him to the vet the next day.

He went into the crate quietly and was mostly silent on the drive to the vets office.  Dr. Hall took us back pretty quickly and he discovered a huge absess at the base of his spine.  He took French to the back area where they shaved a patch just above his tail and drained about a cup of pus, blood and dead tissue.  Poor baby - no wonder he was crying when I pet his back.  He got a shot of antibiotic and a slather of neosporin and jumped back into his crate all by himself.

Now, a day later, he's feeling much more himself and is acting quite affectionate at the moment.  It's not his usual behavior, but I think he feels grateful to us for taking care of him.  He's hanging out in the house with us and the other cats - and playing a little too.

This is proof.  He really IS feeling better!


Sandy said...

I am so glad that French is feeling better! Poor old man.

Karmyn R said...

Yeah! So glad he is okay. Those abcess are nasty.

Great to hear your voice. I always have to laugh when I hear an on-line friends voice because it is never as I imagined.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Poor little guy. He must have gotten into quite some tussle. It's nice to see him feeling better!

Nienke Hinton said...

Yay Frenchie!!

Jan said...

So glad he's recovering. He's so handsome, too.

~kAtHyInCoLoRaDo~ said...

Glad he's better. Cats look great, but I think that red mouse is dead.

Faye said...

Always glad to make our four-legged friends feel better. Somehow they manage to tell us when things are not right. So glad you caught his problem before it really caused damage. It's right that he should reward you with a show!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sayre,

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Your look just as nice. Maybe you could sell yours too!


PS Hope French is still improving!