Saturday, November 03, 2012

Catching up - November 1st post

Halloween was not the event for us this year that it usually is.  I have a reputation at work for dressing up, but this year I didn't dress up at all.  My son, however, decided to be Slender Man for Halloween, even as he was debating whether he'd go trick or treating at all.  At 13, he feels he might be a little too old, but he decided to go anyway.  Having our 11 year old granddaughter going along kind of made it okay.

Halloween is kind of hit or miss these days.  I bought three big bags of candy just in case there were lots of kids - and gave away almost all of it!  It started off slow, then around 7:30 things picked up considerably and stayed busy until almost 9pm. 

Our kids came back with quite a haul - almost as much candy as we gave out.  This year was definitely a "hit" year!

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Karmyn R said...

I finally just Google'd Slender Man - and I have decided that is, by far, the most frightening costume of all time.