Friday, February 15, 2013

There are things I'm not good at

Valentine's Day always throws me.  I don't know what to do with it.  The cards I find don't usually express my feelings very well, or if they do, the picture bothers me.  There seems to always be something not-quite-right.  And it's always a last minute thing, so it doesn't occur to me to make my own, or bake a treat, or do some decorating thing. 

I actually wasn't going to do anything this year, but on the 13th I had a very grumpy day and my wonderful husband whipped out this valentine that made me laugh.  Homer Simpson.  It was hard to stay grumpy after that...  and then he says my "real" valentine is still waiting for Valentine's Day.  Ack! 

On Valentine's Day, I took my FIL to the doctor and when I was done with that, I stopped by the picked-over display at Wal-Mart.  Against all odds, I actually found the perfect card for my husband.  My son's was sort of generic as the non-"for my wife" ones were a bit racy, the kid ones featured baby ducks or cartoon puppies.  Same for my granddaughter, who at age 12 has gone goth and somehow baby ducks just didn't seem to fit. 

Then I found the great leveler - CHOCOLATE.  A heart for my husband, and two smaller hearts for my son and granddaughter. 

Valentine's Day - DONE! 

I always feel inadequate to the task of Valentine's Day.  My husband is great at it.  His cards are always thoughtful and spot-on.  The meals he prepares are usually divine (though this year we reverted to frozen pizza as a crisis at work made me very late getting home and we were all tired).  There's usually a mousse mouse which I asked him NOT to do this year as VD occurs during Lent.  I have to face it - my husband has me beat hands-down as a romantic person.  He's much better at it than I am. 

Perhaps if I started thinking about next year now...


Sandcastle Momma said...

I always have a hard time with it too. Troy and the boys don't want flowers and none of them really like chocolate so I never know what to get them. I don't do romantic dinners because I'm not a good cook so he always ends up cooking for me. VD is always a tough one.

Faye said...

Always interested to see what people are thrilled by on Valentine's Day. Cards leave me kind of cold these days. As you say, they never quite hit the mark. What's romantic to me is the unexpected.

SwampAngel65 said...

I sent a funny card and some chocolates in my son in Miami, card and chocolate to Aidan and...I think just a card to my hub. that's so bad..a couple weeks ago and I already can't remember exactly what I did! I DO remember George got me a card and some real pretty flowers. Good enough for me!