Monday, June 03, 2013

He's Having an Adventure - Without Us

He'll be home tomorrow.  Sometime around noon.  He called last night to tell me that they were checking out of the hotel tomorrow morning - that they'd already packed.

It doesn't seem like it's been nearly four days already.  Friday at 2:45 am, we watched him and his friends blearily board a bus.  They'd been jumping around and talking for the previous half hour and the lateness and last minute thrashing seemed to finally wear them out.  I'm betting the bus ride to Jacksonville was very quiet after they settled in.

Three hours to Jacksonville, then they met up with another bus carrying three schools-worth of traveling 8th graders.  There was redistribution and then they headed north to DC.

After driving a while, they stopped for lunch, looking amazingly chipper.  Then it was back on the bus and driving until nearly 9pm.  That's a LONG day on a bus.
The next morning though, they were up and going.  Over the next few days, they would visit a lot of museums and DC landmarks.

Outside the White House.  No tour inside though.

A trip to the mall.

WWII Memorial

Mt. Vernon

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The Eternal Flame at Kennedy's gravesite

Arlington Cemetery

I am curious to hear, when the Boy gets back, what his thoughts are of this trip.  They saw a lot (and are seeing even MORE today!) and had a lot of information poured into them.  One cannot help but be awed by a trip to Washington!

Back when I went to DC every year for a meeting in October, I took DM and the Boy with me for my last meeting.  While I was stuck in a room with other professional people, they roamed the city and explored.  The Boy was quite impressed with all of this then, but I wonder how much he remembers...
One thing I do know is that when they all board the bus tonight, they'll probably look much the same as DM and the Boy after a day of exploring.

Safe travels home, baby.



joanygee said...

Thank you for sharing, I love learning about your family and their accomplishments. Well done you for being an inspirational mom.

Jan said...

Such a great time. My grandson, Oden, is leaving on his History Trip, on Father's Day. We're all really excited for him.