Sunday, September 28, 2014

I'm sorry... did I say it was crazy? Little did I know there was more crazy ahead.

Oh, my.  I thought there was crazy when all the "mirroring" was going on at work which developed so many technical issues that we stopped mirroring so that the folks in Jacksonville could work on them.  I don't know when things will be resolved to the point where we'll be able to make our switch, but in the meantime, we'd let all our "extraneous" employees go - which probably shouldn't have happened until we'd firmly switched, but bureaucracy really likes deadlines and when that one came, out they went...  The result is that my husband and I are working some pretty wacky hours that rarely coincide unless the son is in school.  And we're all getting tired. 

We thought THAT was crazy.  We didn't realize that family drama would also need to be accounted for.

Maybe drama is too strong a word - this happens to every family everywhere at some point.  We lost a member of ours.  My father-in-law passed somewhat unexpectedly, with burial arrangements down in South Florida so we all had to trek down there for our goodbyes and then come home and figure out what to do about my mother-in-law.  There was lots of culling and donating and selling and shuffling things around, but I think we may be settling down a little.  I hope these aren't famous last words.

All this to say that I hope to do some posting soon.  It feels like a respite from the crazy is right around the corner and there are things I want to say...

See you soon!


joanygee said...

What a hectic time. Condolences on your loss. Hope life gets back to something more normal soon.

karisma said...

Sorry for your loss. I hope things calm down for you now. <3 Hugs xox