Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fun Monday - Halloween

Faye's wrapping up her stint as hostess of Fun Monday with this Halloween-ish challenge:
Let's celebrate Halloween and the pleasures of dressing up by sharing costumes. If you are going to a Halloween--or other costume--party, who would you like to be? I hear Lady Gaga is a front runner this year. Now don't hesitate to play because you're not partying this year. If you were going to dress up, who or what would you be? Or, if you want to share photos of your resident small goblins, that's great too!

Pardon me for taking the easy way out... I actually wrote this post a couple of weeks ago because I knew I was going to be crazy busy when Halloween rolled around - It's where Faye got the inspiration for this challenge.

I probably won't be participating in the November 1 challenge unless Julie wants to slip the the topic ahead of time... But I'll be back for sure then following week!
I did take the time today to help Z figure out his costume. He wanted to be an elf. Not a Christmas elf, but one of those fantasy story elves. We used double-stick tape, ears from a costume shop, makeup to get rid of the freckles and try to blend in the ears a little, and eyebrow pencil to change the shape of his brows. I think it turned out pretty well!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sayre,

Great costume. You guys did a good job!

Thought about you today. I was at an Asian Festival in Gainesville and a booth had some pretty bracelets. I was looking at one to get and then noticed it had shoe charms hidden in the beads! I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't had my glasses on! Did not buy it and left the table chuckling.


Anonymous said...

PS that was me...Patti or as FC says Patio!!

Jan n Jer said...

You did a great job...Zboy makes a good elf!

Julie said...

Hey there! We'd hate to have you miss next week's Fun Monday. I am going to ask you to tell us what is on your Thanksgiving Day menu.

Love the costume! What a handsome elf!

The Church Lady said...

Excellent job, Sayre! I'll bet Z Boy is thrilled with his costume! Have fun on Halloween!!

ari_1965 said...

Nice job. You're so talented.

Faye said...

I'd love to have ZBoy Elf as one of my henchmen! You have a wonderful trip Sayre and we can't wait to hear all about it. Safe travels and congratulations to the wedding couple.

Jill said...

that is awesome!