Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Fat Tuesday

I took my boy to his first pancake supper at the church last night.  He wasn't sure what to expect, but he was absolutely thrilled to discover that there was bacon.

Being a part of EYC now, I'm trying to expose him to as much fun church stuff as I can.  I figure the more somber aspects of going to church will begin to appeal as he gets older.  Right now, he doesn't have much use for regular church services - the prayers mean nothing to him, nor does the story behind communion, though he rather enjoys communion itself and the sermons. 

We helped set up for the supper, and the kids did much of the cooking of pancakes and served everything.  My boy was in charge of serving bacon and sausage.  He was wearing his Mardi Gras mask, but having a hard time seeing.  He tried to wear his glasses on top, but they kept sliding off.  After trying to work with it, he gave up and took the mask off until he was done serving.  When things slowed down a little, he ate his pancakes and bacon while standing by his serving station.  He took his duties quite seriously.

After it was all over, I helped clean up.  We used a lot of dishes!!!  Turns out the kids were using a new plate for EVERY pancake!  No wonder there were so many.  It took a long time to get all the dishes washed and put away, and I was really tired by the time I finished.  The parish hall looked like a parish hall again and not like New Orleans.  It was a good time, a good event - with good people.  Even ZBoy commented on how fun it was on the way home.

And now to Lent.  Probably the least fun season of the church's calendar, but I think the one where you learn the most about yourself.  Last year, I gave up coffee.  This year, dairy and "bad" fast food.  Salads, grilled chicken and healthy sandwiches okay, but no hamburgers, french fries or anything fried.  I expect the first week will be very difficult and it will get easier as time goes by.  Lent is a good time to make the changes you really want to make in your life, because by the end of it, those changes will be a habit and much easier to stick with once Lent is over.


Jan n Jer said...

Thats great that both Zboy and you are active in the youth group in your church. Way back when my girls were his age...I was the youth leader in our church and I remember fondly the pancake suppers we put on. In this neck of the woods on fat tuesday...we have "Fasnatch day"...its a Pa.
Dutch custom of serving what looks like donuts on fat tuesday morning.

joanygee said...

Dutch doughnuts aka olliebollen.
Good to hear of Zboy having a good time at youth group.

Jill said...

I loved having a church group. we all were civilized and wanted to be there, so there was no fighting, no name calling, no treating each other badly. we had ours the same day, there were SO many people there for a Tuesday. At least 40 maybe? Hard to count with all the kids running around. K is the youngest but all the kids love her, so she's well taken care of even if we don't pay much attention to her.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Lets face the truth....bacon makes EVERYTHING better! ;)

I think it's awesome that you guys are being active and he is showing interest (and making friends).

I've often wondered if church could be a good thing, as compared to the terrible experiences I had growing up (oh the stories I could tell!)


Georgia Girls said...

Great visualization :) I'm glad he enjoyed it all. Good friends will be critical in the coming years. We don't have Lent in our church, but it could certainly be a good self evaluation effort. (see our last Ruby Jane post)
Do you have to give up something for a whole year? Good luck!