Saturday, July 22, 2006

Normal sick

Hurray! Last night, my son was "normal" sick. Fever. Tummy ache. A little diahreaa (SP?).

Today, he feels better and I feel worse because I apparently caught whatever it is from him.

He has not been sick AT ALL since having his tonsils/adnoids/tubes surgery just before Christmas last year. And now he's been sick and gotten over it.

Anyone who's hung around my world for the last couple of years knows what a miracle that is. Used to be when he got sick, he'd get an ear infection. That would clear up but as soon as he was off the antibiotics, here came strep throat. It was a cycle that went on and on and I was considering buying stock in the pharmaceutical company that makes Amoxicillan. Scarlet Fever put an end to that cycle. An immediate referral to an ear, nose and throat guy, followed quickly by surgery.

So yeah. Normal sick. Hurray!


Janet said...

I can still somewhat recall that time in my life. I first had tubes put in at 3, which I dont really remember much. But then I had to have them put in AGAIN at 7. That time I also had my tonsils and adnoids removed. I remember them telling me I was going to be able to eat all the ice cream I wanted. That's how they get ya. The catch is you don't want it!:(

Sayre said...

I know... Z-boy got tired of ice cream the first day! It was a very long week for Mommy trying to find stuff he would eat wtihout crying. Lots of jello, soup, mac & cheese. He even ate mashed potatoes, which he hates (I never knew kids could NOT like mashed potatoes!).