Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Yesterday, a very hot, sticky sort of day, definitely needed a few chills, so I took my son and a friend of his to see "Monster House".

This is definitely not a film for younger tykes. In fact, I was a little concerned about the nightmare quotient for my 7-year old, who has had nightmares about lima beans with teeth (seen in a Jimmy Neutron cartoon). I kept checking in with the boys throughout - "Is this too scary? Do we need to go?" Always met with rigid head shakes. Of course they're okay. They ALWAYS sit straight up on the edge of their seats. And actually, it was okay. The scares in the movie were the kind that while thrilling to the 7-year old mind, were also safe. No one really got hurt. And there was a perfectly good explanation for everything at the end. I actually liked it a lot. Good lessons about trespassing and taking things at face value. Life, situations, and people are not always what they seem. Which I think is a very good lesson for 7-year olds.

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