Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Piano-mover man

I went to my old house to let in the piano movers. When they showed up, there was one sort-of big guy and two little skinny ones. I wasn't filled with confidence, but they backed the truck up as close as they could get, ran the ramp out to the steps and came in with a low, piano dolly.

At this point, the sort-of-big guy PICKED UP THE PIANO and set it on the dolly. One little guy helped with balance, and the other one held the door. They got it out and in the truck and met us at the new house, where the process was reversed.

I didn't get very far on my weekend project; spending Sunday sick in bed is no way to get cleaning and painting done. Thank goodness I'd cleared a space at least. So here I am worrying about how I'm going to actually finish this room now that there is an immoveable piano in it. I asked my mom about "moving men" - those little discs that you put under heavy stuff to make it move easily, and she said she'd gotten some but they were stick-on. That won't work on casters. But I stopped at ACE anyway and they had some with a spongy top to them. While I had the strong guy there, I asked him to put them under the piano. We'll see if they work when I actually get around to painting behind the piano!


~d (tilde) said...

I will so read you in a minute but I am DYING laughing at the WORLD WIDE WEB and my ASS comment! You are flippin KILLING me! TOO effing funny!
Dude-you sooo have not SEEN my ass.
And I am SOOO taking the pix in jeans-hello! I do not need any other 'things' that come with being (cough-cough) over 30 SHOWING!

~d (tilde) said...

I love the PICKED THE PIANO UP...Great! Super great-where is the pix?

Alice in Wonderbread said...

Get well soon, Sayre.

I've never seen anyone pick up a piano before. Perhaps a Schroder Peanuts one, but not an upright!

Janet said...

I would get so nervous watching someone move something so huge, especially if they aren't that "huge" themselves.

You know what I realized in a round about way today? You were not on my blogroll. I could have sworn you were there for awhie now. Weird. I'm so sorry if you realized it and I didn't. Whatever the reason, that's been corrected now.:)

Sayre said...

I didn't take any pictures because it DID make me nervous. The first time the piano was moved, there were four big guys to move it. You can understand my skepticism when one sort-of-big guy and two little skinny ones showed up this time.

Ah... thanks, Janet! I appreciate the spot on your blogroll! I almost never ask... I kind of feel like it's an honor, not an obligation. So I appreciate the honor!