Sunday, August 20, 2006

Busy, Lazy Weekend

Sometimes I hate Blogger. I have some cool pictures to show you and it's not letting me!!!! Wah!

My darling husband and I had the unexpected pleasure of being home alone together this weekend. Z-boy's best friend had a birthday party and invited Z to spend the night afterwards. BF's mom came and picked Z up around noon on Saturday, and we didn't see him again until 2 o'clock this afternoon.

We spent the whole afternoon working outside. I was tackling the weeding project again. DH was continuing the pressure washing project. He completed his cool concrete and mildew picture (the snail picture was just the beginning) and I photographed it, but of course I can't post it now. I will try again later.

After cleaning up, we went out for sushi at a tiny, relatively new place. We were the only ones there. Since my usual dinner conversation mostly consists of "sit up; stop picking at your food; just eat it; no, there isn't anything else for dinner", we were sort of at a loss as to what to talk about. In spite of the fact that we work together, most of our life together right now revolves around the boy. Not to worry. The odd lack of words didn't last long, and before we knew it, we were talking and laughing and we were on a real date! Honestly, we haven't done this in so long, it's like we forgot how to go out together. Now that we live in town, we need to do this more often!

I slept in late this morning. DH had gone to work, so I was HOME ALONE! How strange that felt. I got up, made coffee, read the paper. DH came home and I proceeded to whip his butt at Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks. I have no idea how to play this. I don't know what the "moves" are, but when you put the controller in my hand, my fingers have a mind of their own. I beat him over and over. He was getting a little frustrated - he likes to plot out his moves and then execute them. Hard to do when the opponent just keeps coming and punching and kicking. I never block (can't remember where it is), so I keep moving and keep punching and kicking. It works...
I also made a trek to Target. They had video game beanbag chairs on sale for $12. Knowing how much my back hurts after just 15 minutes, I imagine my husband and son, who can sit there for HOURS come away with very sore backs. So I go to get the chairs. Target is JAMMED! WTF? It's worse than Christmas! Every aisle - packed with people. I was on my way to the checkout before I figured it out. Back to school. No, no... not grade-school. All they need is paper and pencils and a backpack. This was new-to-college back to school shopping. THOSE students need everything. Pots and pans. Bath rugs. Towels. Stereos. Once I realized it (classes start Monday!), it all made sense. I will now know to stay at home on back-to-college weekend!

After Target, I swung by Toys-R-Us since I was just across the street. Friday, Z-boy and I had gone there to shop for his friend's birthday. But you can't just walk out after picking something. He has to "just look around" and then try to wheedle something out of this trip for himself. He did get something (shame on me), but I also got some ideas for Christmas. So today, I went back and bought some stuff for Christmas that will be thoroughly hidden. Hope I remember where I put it when the time comes, because he is gonna LOVE these!

Boy and Husband were playing video games when I got home. They were THRILLED with the new chairs. I let myself out onto the back deck with my book (Long Time Gone by JA Jance), sat in a rocking chair and proceeded to read the afternoon away. In some ways it was a terrific waste of an afternoon, but I think after all the craziness of the last few weeks, I needed some downtime and a little mental vacation. So I went to Seattle to find out who murdered Mimi and who JP Beaumont's next girlfriend will be.

I'm bummed that I can't share pictures with you today. I included in my "wish to upload" list a gorgeous picture of chocolate chip cookies that my dear husband baked this afternoon as inspiration for all you "Ass Losers" out there. I had two. They were delicious. Warm and soft.IMG_0946 Don't you wish you'd had one????


Alice in Wonderbread said...

Yes. Yes I do. Hand one over! :)

34quinn said...

Great post !!
Yes I wish I had one but I do not feel too bad I had an icecream sandwhich today and I do not feel guilty at all..mmmmmm..

I hope you get your wish to upload the pictures.

My hubby was out shopping today at costco while I was slaving away at my work and he was shocked to see the christmas things already out.!!

That is just not right.

Have fun and stay motivated!!!

Nikki said...

That's okay - hubby baked brownies - that evil man.

I had 3.

yes 3.

kiss it.

I had an itsy bitsy salad to make up for it.

Oh, The Joys said...

Sayre - e-mail me and I will send you a secret photo weapon that will outwit blogger every time. OTJ

Sayre said...

Thanks for the tip, OTJ!!! As you can see, it works!