Monday, August 28, 2006

OLTA Update and some other stuff

Evening, losers! At least I hope so! Me? I gained back a pound (which puts me at 219) BUT, this past weekend I wore shorts that I haven't been able to wear without looking like stuffed sausage in quite a while. In fact, they hung like normal shorts do! I'm mighty encouraged. Stepping it up this week, so watch out all you cake-eaters!


We had Open House at Z-boy's school tonight. In some ways, all elementary schools are the same. We crowded into the tiny cafeteria, tried to listen to the principal and one of the PTA presidents talk until they figured out what the microphone was for. My husband ran into someone he used to work with, which made him feel a little better. We still have some reservations about this school. It's been an A school for the last 5 years, but it's so run down that it is kind of depressing. And the teachers seem to be quite disorganized. At least compared to what we've had at his old school for the last two years. It's just different, and I guess we need to get used to it. His teacher seems a bit overwhelmed, but enthusiastic even after decades of teaching, so that's good news. She's grateful for the parents who showed up tonight and is already scheduling conferences for next month. I have other concerns, which don't necessarily apply to the classroom, but I'll take those up with the principal later.

And now for something completely different. My two cats are brothers, but have very different temperaments. French is a bit skittish and doesn't put up with much. Yoda is very laid back, and puts up with just about anything....
Including having an army posted on his belly.

A day in the life of me.


34quinn said...

hi there, Glad you are keeping motivated and enjoying the small accomplishments along the way. That is what matters.
As for the kitty cat too cute!
As for cake-eaters..whoohooo I had cake on saturday at a golden anniversary party I just couldn't resist mmmmmm it was sooooo good.. you guys should all go and find some big honkin slab of cake and taste that sweet icing and mmmmm delicious..haha

Alice in Wonderbread said...

oh man that's hilarious.

And congratulations!!!

nikki said...

i heart the cat picture. aaron has been locking our cat up in his toy ikea barn and not letting her out. he also likes to try to jab his fingers in her eyes. poor cat. good job with olta! keep it up and we can all shake our hot selves when this is all over with!

Apricoco said...

Oh the kitty is so cute! So cute. When I was a kid my cat let me dress her up and put her in my baby buggy. Cats are wonderful huh?

Jeff said...

It is hard for me to know about the weight because I know I put on muscle weight from training. Congrats on the shorts.

My fiancee has two dogs that are brothers that are night and day in personality, too. Maybe it is by divine plan like that.

Mama C said...

Nice ass. I just can't get used to writing that to another woman.

Gosh, I'm really feeling a craving for some cheesecake. Aren't you??

Oh, The Joys said...

Your butt looks mighty cute in those jeans!!

ablondeblogger said...

LOL! That so looks like something my son would do to our dog!

Congrats on being a loser! Gooooooo you!!

I haven't done this officially but I am losing weight and my clothes are getting more loose. Yay!

Sayre said...

I can't wait until I can wear REAL jeans! Not the kind with lycra in them and an elastic waistband. REAL, honest-to-God jeans with zippers and rivets and pockets and everything. I may go haunt the Goodwill and see if I can find something in whatever size I am and in whatever the next size down is so I can see things happening with numbers attached (instead of those darn Xs and Ls!).