Sunday, August 27, 2006

WHO are you?

I totally stole this from TXSkatemom's blog but it is fun! My whole family did this.


Rock & Roll Name: Heidi Great Oak (first pet + Current Street Name)

Movie Star Name: Lois Special Dark (Grandfather/Grandmother's name on mother's side + favorite candy)

Fly-Girl or Fly-Guy Name: S-Cat (first initial of first name + first 2 or 3 letters of middle name)

Detective Name: Blue Cat (favorite color + favorite animal)

Star Wars Name: Schsa Satal (first 3 letters of last name + first 2 letters of first name + first 2 letters of mother's maiden name + first 2 letters of the town you grew up in) Break it up however you want to.

Terrorist Name: Enirehtac Reldas (middle name backwards + mother's maiden name backwards)

I especially love my Star Wars name.


Alice in Wonderbread said...

Rock & Roll Name: Dirty Sally the Thirtysixth
Movie Star Name: Elaeanor Twix
Fly-Girl or Fly-Guy Name: C-Ma
Detective Name: Orange Dog
Star Wars Name: Carech Teme

And yes, my first pet I named Dirty Sally. She was a goldfish.

happykat said...

I'm sooooo stealing this!

nikki said...

Oh can I play?

Rock n' Roll- Smokey Sophia
Movie Star- Sophie Godiva
Fly girl- N-Ren
Detective- Yellow Meerkat
Star Wars- MckNi PaYp
Terrorist- Eneer Krap (Krap, I love it!)