Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hot Summer Night

Last Wednesday, my old friend BB threw a party for all the people she knew with MY name. Only two of us actually made it (along with our families), and the other one came up sick. BB's sister Di and brother JMcB also came, Di to help and JMcB to hang out.

It was just like old times.

You see, BB and her family have always marched to drummers different from the rest of us. I don't know any other family that has a rubber chicken in the chandelier over their diningroom table. Or a fire engine in their garage. Or has as much fun together and apart as these people do. So being friends with them (my father and her father are best buds) is a totally enriching experience.

So, the party...

It was hot. OMG, so HOT! She's got a wonderfully shaded back section that we just had to go investigate, in spite of the mosquitoes (which BabyE was pretending to use for bait). Sadly, a new development is going to be put in back there and we will all lose those dense woods.
IMG_2656 IMG_2658 IMG_2659

BB borrowed a big, industrial-strength floor fan from her dad and a long table to eat at. She set up this very bizarre, squiggly sprinkler in the back yard and was the first (fully dressed) to run through it to cool down. The boys got into the act, then as soon as they were drenched, ran to the patio and stood in front of the fan to cool off even more.
IMG_2661 IMG_2666

Kida was invited as well, and spent lots of hot, sweaty time running around madly with Zane. Suddenly, they seemed to remember that INSIDE was where the air conditioning was and began begging to go in. We gave them large buckets of water instead until they calmed down.


While the pork loin was barbecuing, we gathered around a bowl of potato chips, onion dip and baby carrots, hunkered in front of the fan. There was much jostling around for a coveted spot next to the appetizers!
IMG_2665 IMG_2662 IMG_2663

It was so hot that when we sat down to eat, we seriously considered pulling the sprinkler over so that we could sit in the "rain" during dinner. That would have been a truly Florida moment!

After dinner, we went inside. It was hot, muggy, and the mosquitoes were coming out in earnest - no amount of fan-stirred air or bug spray could keep them off of us. As we settled down with our beverages-of-choice in the cool livingroom, the kids came in to offer us a show...
IMG_2678 IMG_2679 IMG_2680
... featuring a wizard, a slave, and an evil guard.

All in all, a wonderful evening. We finally left. Darling Man and ZBoy went to check on SSK's house (they're off visiting his mom), and Kida and I walked home in the dark.

Now, some miscellaneous pictures from our party:

IMG_2675 IMG_2671 IMG_2695
IMG_2672 IMG_2693

Oh, yeah. I provided dessert. Cool, huh?


Only drawback? You have to be careful on the first bite. Otherwise you may find yourself with two nostrils full of icing. It took a couple of times before we decided it was best to eat them like oreo cookies - lick the icing off first!!!!


Oh, The Joys said...

Everytime the smiles people have a party there is talk of the pork loin and the joys starts drooling.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Mmmmmm...those look yummy.


nikki said...

I'll take one of those icing ice cream cones please!!!

Stephanie said...

Now THAT's my kinda cupcake!!

Has Jenny seen this? 'Cause she totally should.

I'm sending her here!!

Kerith Collins said...

My mom always fixed the ice cream cone cupcakes...they are my that i am a mom, it is taking me some time to figure out how to cook them right...right now i can make ice cream cone oohhey-gggoooeys.

jules4tally said...

What a great memory...and they look so young!